Students and staff will take part in various competitions to develop skills in all aspects regards to the Avanti Values. Each house will have a six former house captain and each form will have a form captain.

At the end of the year the house with the most amount of point will win the Colleges award and the form captains will have their initials engraved on the award!

Avanti House School houses:

.1 – Water-blue-swan

.2 – Cosmos-purple-peacock

.3 – Aether-gold-lion

.4 – Earth-green-elephant

.5 – Air-silver-eagle

.6 – Fire-red-tiger

Everyone will have the chance to win points for their house in various competitions across all subjects during the school year.

There are different ways you can earn points for your house:

  • Attendance- 150 points for the best attendance percentage every half term
  • Punctuality-150 points for the best punctuality percentage every half term
  • Behaviour- 150 points for the least behaviour points every half term
  • Reward points – 150 points for the most amount of reward points.

Various competitions across all subjects:

  • 40 points for entry (participation)- each house will automatically receive 40 points if at least one student will compete to represent their house
  • 60 points for winning the competition
  • 40 points for second place
  • 30 points for third place
  • 20 points for fourth place
  • 10 points for fifth place

Good luck!