CPD MONDAY – May 16th 2022 – 3.45 – 5.00

We are excited to share our Summer Term 1 offer via the Institute. It is a great pleasure to welcome back Helen Prince, Mark Finnis and Abigail Hawkins and look forward to continuing the excellent work that Avanti staff have already started in our schools. We are also delighted to welcome some familiar faces – Our Avanti colleagues, who will share their expertise in a variety of engaging sessions. There really is something for everyone here.

Please do register for the one webinar that will be ‘live’ on May 16th at exactly 3.45 – 5.00 – please do be prompt and ready to begin at 3.45.

There are also access on the day live links here for your convenience. We really do hope that you enjoy your chosen webinar.


Please note, Mark’s session is via Zoom. Access via the button on the right or save the Zoom code which is on the registration form.  

Primary and Secondary

Mark Finnis

Developing relationships, a restorative mind-set and exploring a model of high challenge and high support.

  • An introduction to the concepts and philosophy of restorative practice.
  • Relationships – build, maintain and repair.
  • The importance of building connection and investing in social capital – a relational model – connect before content.
  • An overview of the social discipline window – a model of challenge and support and applying it to everyday practice
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Primary and Secondary

Helen Prince

Putting the fun into reading! This interactive session will consider ways we can add drama and energy to reading in the classroom, including echo reading, drama techniques and music.

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Primary and Secondary

Abigail Hawkins

An opportunity to discuss effective interaction and communication, improving interactions with students, principles of scaffolding and the underpinning points including modelling & prompting.

Session 2 of 4

Please do sign up for all four sessions – (also suitable for Teaching staff) – Click here to sign up: ‘Making-SEN-Make-Sense.pdf (avanti.org.uk)

Session One here
Session two here
Session three here
Access session four here: 27th June 3.45pm


Simon Arnell & Jitendra Jani

Outlining the purpose of the pupil survey and showing the steps between tailoring to our specific key aims (based on SEF) to its full launch:

  • Key Aims and Metrics
  • Creating the questions using G-Forms
  • Pre-survey (“Beta testing”)
  • Focus Groups
  • Assemblies
  • Launch
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Cherie Vincent

To share the vision for The Avanti Way Pupil Charter: a vision that was created for children, by children. Opportunities to reflect on what the Avanti Way Ethos means to our pupils and communities.

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EYFS / Primary

Harshah Parmar, Tim Burns & Amee Patel

This session will cover: The importance of talk and stories, links between the role stories play in developing young children’s vocabulary and language and how staff can expand children’s store of words through talk throughout the day.

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Please note, Cindy’s session is via Zoom. Register via the link and you will be sent the Zoom access code for 16/4/22 @3.45. 

EYFS, Primary and Secondary

Cindy Grant Training – Learning through Landscapes

What is learning outdoors all about and why would I do it?

Exploring some key research findings about the benefits for pupils of curriculum linked learning outdoors and the varied opportunities offered by school outdoor spaces for literacy. There will be an interim task for everyone to take away and complete before the second webinar.

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Thank you all for your participation and ongoing support.