At Avanti Gardens School, we believe that good pastoral support focuses on nurturing the individual needs of each and every child. We pride ourselves on building trusting relationships with all of our pupils and their families. We are a THRIVE school and work carefully to ensure that all of our children understand how to keep themselves safe and develop strategies to support their emotional needs.  

All of our staff understand and promote the importance of mental health and well-being and this underpins everything that we do. We believe that if children feel that they belong at our school, then they will flourish as they feel safe, valued and cared for. Pupil voice is paramount and we enable all of our children to share their views.  

In our THRIVE room, we provide a safe space for children to come to when they are feeling overwhelmed. THRIVE uses a range of art and play based activities to develop a child’s healthy neural development, whilst promoting a positive sense of self. THRIVE screens are completed on individuals, to allow our THRIVE practitioner to identify the particular developmental needs of that child and plan provision accordingly 

We follow a Restorative Practice approach at Avanti Gardens. This encourages our children to take responsibility for their own actions and to make amends where it is needed. Daily check-ins support our children by providing opportunities to articulate an emotion that they are feeling and to share why they are feeling this particular emotion. This supports our children to become healthy, happy and confident individuals who are then able to fully access their learning.