January 2021 Edition

By Jitendra Jani


A solution to remote feedback

 Using Mote, an extension from the chrome web store1, Aarti has begun to assess students work submitted through Google Classroom using ‘Audible AfL’. Inspired by a recent article in the Impact journal published by the Chartered College of Teaching (Fancourt et al. Spring 2020)2, she sought ways to assess students work to give feedback during a time where remote learning may be prevalent. Whilst ‘cool-down periods’ and social distancing effecting our ability to provide support or guidance on pieces of learning that may take two or three reviews before finishing, Audible AfL provides a potential solution. 

Aarti reached out to some contacts who are both teachers at Preston Manor and discovered that, like us at Avanti, they have been using Google Classrooms. She was told about Mote which can be used to record comments on audio and can convert it to text. She pursued her belief that something like this would be great for her subject such that she can focus on meaningful ‘steps to succeed’3 when assessing an assignment. 

Last half term, after joining the Art Google Classroom, Year 7 students submitted pictures of their artwork as part of an assignment set by Aarti. After receiving their audio feed-forward, the stream in their Google Classroom was extremely active. It was as if engaging with the Mote created a real buzz. The students were asked about why they preferred this style of assessment, they said: 

 “It was approachable.” 

“Didn’t feel like I was reading a report.”

“Really helpful.” 

 1 https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mote-voice-notes-feedback/ajphlblkfpppdpkgokiejbjfohfohhmk 
2 Fancourt, A., Lewis, L. & Stephenson, B. (Spring 2020) Listen and respond: Evaluating the use of audio feedback. CCT Impact Issue 8 
3 Budden B – (September 2017) Enabling student’s learning independence through assessment for learning. CCT