Carpentry Work  

Carpentry jobs that need to be done when the children are not here such as  helping to make an awning for Kindergarten outside area. Such skills are highly  valued by teachers and would be rewarded with refreshing snacks – cakes and cuppas –  while the work is done!

Kindergarten also feel it would be great for the children to see an adult at work and witness something being produced.  They have some lovely wooden planks in their natural state and it would be great to see something useful being made from these – and this could be on a project basis – coming in weekly for a short time in the morning (while they are outside) until the project is finished.


Volunteers for Kindergarten walk days would be invaluable.

Also availability for any future school trips or special activities.

Traditional skills – perhaps spinning, or basket making – would be wonderful to have happening in Kindergarten.  It’s very inspiring for the children to watch things in the ‘becoming’ and to understand how some things have to be practised for a long time before the necessary skills are acquired.  This could be something that happens on a weekly basis – perhaps basket making outside, and spinning inside on our craft day.


Please be in touch if you would like to volunteer during Handwork lessons. We would really appreciate some help from someone with basic knitting and crochet experience if possible

Volunteers who can knit and be patient are very much in need for Class 1 especially.

Anyone who can knit socks/hats/follow a pattern would also be most welcome.

It’s massive fun, actually last year’s volunteers are back on board!


There are various administrative tasks that we would really appreciate help with including filing, answering the phone, general tidying and reception. This is not just within the Admin office but also supporting other members of staff.


The gardens at Steiner Academy Frome are in part created and maintained by the pupils. We want to develop our gardens to be even more colourful and productive than they are, and to enable the children to learn skills along the way and to have a sense of achievement at what they have helped to create.

There are also other gardening tasks around the school grounds for any willing volunteers.


There are always many jobs that crop up around the school and people who have specific skills like plumbing, woodworking etc.  and are willing to give some of their time and knowledge would be really appreciated.


What is needed most in the lower school library is regular sorting and reorganising of the books. A quick 10 minutes here and there makes a huge difference. If there is anyone out there that would like to go a step further and help with the development of our libraries, both Lower and Middle school, that would be fantastic. The libraries are such an important learning resource for the children and fundamental to their love of reading.

We would be glad to develop a small team of librarians to help keep the books of our expanding Middle School Library in order, and for us to be able to offer two or three lunchtimes per week (1.00 – 1.45) for pupils from Classes 6 – 8 to come and browse, and borrow books.

If you would enjoy helping keep books in order, and introducing books to the pupils who come looking for a good read, we would be delighted to hear from you!

If you could offer three quarters of an hour, for one lunchtime each week (any day!), that would be the ideal. The Middle School children would be able to come (in relatively small numbers, and only with teachers’ permission) from 1 o’clock until 1.30 and then the library might need up to about ten minutes for putting books and records in order, if necessary.

If you had ideas or resources for making the library look more attractive, that would also be most welcome!


Volunteers with Mandarin are always appreciated, especially people who can speak Mandarin to help in the lessons.


Throughout the year the school looks for various ways to fund raise so we can continue to help our school grow. Events such as the Advent Fair and May Fair are great fundraisers and volunteers make these events the huge success they are.  Any help is appreciated.


Can you spare some time to sit and listen to some children read as they start to explore the world of books  for themselves?

Walks and School Trips

It is always helpful to have extra pairs of hands and eyes when going on a school trip or even going out for a walk. Weekly walks start with the Kindergartens and school trips become longer and more involved as the classes get older. Volunteers are invaluable for these.

Occasional Grandmother/Grandfather

As general inspiration to the very young; engaging in meaningful work such as  pottering in the garden, sanding a piece of lovely wood, helping children make a simple wood boat, knitting, crochet as they observe, reading the children a story, baking if you like! How special it would be for the very young to have the influence of our kind and compassionate, wise and wonderful Elders.