Avanti Schools have a track record for creating success within a very short period of time. The Avanti Schools Trust has six institutions in total across the country, all performing well above national average and in almost in all cases achieve results top within their respective boroughs. The schools are seen as beacons of excellence, developing children’s academic potential and grounding them with key life skills which are required for this fast-paced society that we live in. For your chance to find out a little more, attend are our open events, where you’ll get an insight into what the Avanti Schools are all about and the opportunity available now in Croydon. Avanti schools prepare pupils for their respective life-journeys by promoting educational excellence, character formation and spiritual insight. Our Hindu faith schools are truly inclusive, seeking pupils and staff from all backgrounds and faiths; we do not operate a faith criteria for pupils. Alongside teaching the full curriculum, we are unique in offering practical 21st century spirituality, rooted in ancient wisdom. Class meditations, values-led lessons and yoga encourage reflection and are tools for life.