Innovation to the Wider School System

Our MAT was established to help facilitate a coherent learning journey for young people that will allow, through close geographic proximity, school-to-school support, collaboration and innovation within and across the MAT resulting in a self-improving, self-sustaining system of education.

Avanti schools bring innovation to the wider school system in several ways, including our approach to mindfulness, student happiness and well-being and values education. For example, our new mindfulness and yoga curriculum will be completed by the end of this academic year and made available to other schools.

Local and national partnership arrangements are an important feature to support the increasing geographical spread of Avanti schools and the recruitment challenges we will face. Strong partnerships are developed with local authorities, local teaching schools, knowledge centres and school federations, amongst others. This network structure enhances the Trust’s current capacity.

Staff Wellbeing

Avanti schools place key value on the wellbeing and development of staff. The Trust organise an annual wellbeing retreat, giving the opportunity for all staff to experience a wellbeing retreat at no-cost. This supports the staff to feel nourished and enthused to be part of Avanti. Our schools also offer yoga sessions for staff to support their mental and physical wellbeing and as part of the annual CPD programme, several sessions are dedicated to staff wellbeing, where external speakers will come to share insight on wellbeing with staff, giving them the tools to use in their daily life, inside and outside of Avanti.

We understand that a positive and caring ethos and environment will have a major impact on the wellbeing of staff and pupils. It’s important therefore for our leaders to define that culture and vision, making it clear what behaviours, values and beliefs underpin it. It is important too for the school leadership team (SLT) to build a culture of trust where school staff feel valued, can be open about their health and wellbeing and know how to access support if they need it. For all of this to happen, it is essential for the head teacher and the school leadership team (including governors) to model good mental health and wellbeing behaviour and practice. It is also important for head teachers to remember to look after their own mental health and wellbeing alongside that of their staff.


Avanti Schools have developed partnerships with various national and international organisations, to support the schools and community. Our schools work with universities to support teacher training nationally. Our secondary schools have partnerships with the CCF, NCS and other organisations to provide students with rich experiences and a tangible way to give back in the community. Our curriculum includes visits to various organisations and institutions from banks to the CCF. Our aim is to make the students responsible citizens for their respective communities by providing a holistic experience at school.

Meet some of the people that bring the Avanti ethos to life.