Welcome from Nitesh Gor, CEO

The purpose of Avanti is to contribute to society through the systematic pursuit of human values and spiritual development.

The idea for Avanti began in 2003 and our first school was opened in 2008. Our vision was for a family of schools based upon our core principles of educational excellence, character formation, and spiritual insight. We now have close to 4,000 students and 450 members of staff across our family of 10 schools (five primary, one secondary, and four all-through) with three more schools in pre-opening.

Avanti now has a proven approach to school development and improvement, with excellent pupil outcomes across our schools and the capacity to support more schools. We have built first-rate centralised functions for finance, HR, project management, marketing, and premises. Our wholly-owned trading subsidiary provides catering to our schools and to others.

Welcome from Mike Younger, the Chair of Trustees

We have all been pupils, at one stage or another, and lifelong learning is inbuilt into our culture and our expectations. But the quality of this education can vary enormously, and children get only one opportunity to have an enriching and inspiring education. Avanti is committed to providing an education which opens doors and lets the future in, which establishes the foundations for future achievements and opportunities in our multicultural society for all children.

But we are ambitious and aim to do more: to inculcate an enthusiasm for learning and the fostering of a sense of curiosity about the world; to develop in our students a capacity to initiate and respond to change; to promote in them a sense of caring, compassion, and responsibility for self and others; to encourage independence of mind and the capacity to think for oneself.

When we achieve these aims, we understand and fulfil each child’s capacity and potential, so that they are equipped to explore different options and to take risks. Above all, we seek to offer an education which is liberating and fun, to enable our students to take control of their own lives and help make the world a better and more humane place.

Ever since Avanti was conceived, our aspiration has been to develop both faith and non-denominational schools. Our early schools all had Hindu faith-designations, but more recently we have entered the next exciting phase for Avanti, with the establishment of three non-denominational schools in the south-west of the country and with permission to open three schools (two primary and one secondary) in Hertfordshire.

The Avanti Way. Read our ethos handbook that shows what is unique about an Avanti education for staff, students, parents and visitors.