“Conscious Changemakers”

Our vision for character formation is one where virtues are taught by example and a supportive community of learners fosters a powerful sense of individual and collective purpose. Learning develops for these conscious changemakers as a quest for making the world a better place, starting with oneself. The capacity to internalise and put into practice what we have learned is the true test of learning. Building this capacity demands an experiential, virtues-led curriculum that embraces collaboration, custodianship and global perspectives.

Avanti’s virtues of respect, self-discipline, courage, integrity, empathy and gratitude are tangible throughout curriculum planning and school life.

The curriculum is experience-based to support the transition from knowledge to wisdom and includes global perspectives to facilitate their transcultural proficiency.

Students make conscientious choices, develop moral literacy, promote the common good and display a sense of stewardship as well as a reverence for all life, nature and the earth’s resources.

There is excellent provision for Philosophy, Religion & Ethics, PSHE, yoga and meditation.

Student voice is palpable throughout the school, with ever-increasing opportunities for developing leadership and oracy.

Students take ownership of their learning experience by means such as self-organised learning and principles of restorative practice.

Clean, uncluttered and inspiring learning environments support a mindful engagement with learning.