“Interconnectedness with all”

Our vision for spiritual insight is one where our interconnectedness with all living beings and with the universe, urges acts born out of humility and love, and the Self is perceived beyond its layers of coverings. Learning blossoms for these seekers as a quest for self-discovery and opens the door to their unlimited potential; an antidote to the emptiness of a materialistic or mechanistic worldview. The curriculum unveils the possibilities of sacredness and transcendence at every moment and so engenders a deeply positive attitude to life, enduring happiness and heartfelt relationships.

Students have profound and stirring experiences of religious education, festivals and other activities for spiritual cultivation.

Effective pastoral care supports each student’s personal, emotional and spiritual journey.

Students develop authentic and broad-minded insight into the complexities, essences and core principles underlying the varied manifestations of religion and spirituality.

The curriculum and school life make spirituality relevant and accessible to all, irrespective of faith or belief.

Students evidence spiritual insight in terms of their own identity, their relationship with others, with the wider world and for some, their relationship with God; in those of our Hindu faith-designated schools, this includes opportunities for awakening each person’s unique and loving relationship with Lord Krishna.

There are opportunities and structures to support the development of heartfelt relationships between members of the school community, from which each person feels supported and nurtured.

All members of the school community are committed to introspection and their own personal journey of self-discovery.