Foundation Stage








EYFS Daily Timetable

8:20-8:30am School starts- pupils enter the building and self-register.

Fine motor skill tasks to support writing

Session 1 8:30-9:05am

Communication and Language Development

Session 2 9:05-10:45am Free Flow learning both inside and outside and focus groups

10:45-11:00am Phonics

11:00-11:25am Collective Worship and Meditation

11:30-12:30pm Lunch

12:30-12:40pm Registration and Meditation

Session 3 12:40-1:00pm Maths

Session 4 1:00-2:30pm Free Flow learning both inside and outside/Focus groups

2:20-3:00pm Story and Singing

3:10pm School ends

There is a balance of formal focused sessions and Learning carousel which is an opportunity for children to play and learn through play. Teachers support and extend learning through questioning, engagement with learners and providing resources for them to explore further.

What will my child learn?

Below are the overviews of the Curriculum:

Nursery Curriculum Overview 2021-2022
Reception Curriculum Overview 2021-2022

If you need further information about the curriculum please speak to your child’s class teacher or year leader.