The World’s their Oyster… if they attend school

Attendance Matters – Every Day Counts!

To give your child every possible chance in life it is very important that they attend school regularly. The Government has raised its expectation for attendance at school, now considering ‘persistent absence’ at 90% attendance or below per child. Outstanding attendance is over 98%. Ofsted, the schools inspectorate, also considers good attendance as an essential factor in the progress and achievement of children and will not give a school a good grade unless attendance is above expectation.

Whilst we understand that occasionally children are unwell, we do expect children to develop resilience and attend school unless they are very sick. A runny nose or feeling tired are not reasons to keep your child off school whereas suffering from Chicken Pox (until scabs form) is a genuine reason.

As with all staff members, we expect all medical appointments to be made after school or during the school holidays.

Authorised Absence – Your Responsibilities

Under the terms of the Government’s Education Regulation 1991 (Pupils’ Attendance Records) we have
to publish information concerning children’s attendance at school. If your child is away from school we
need to know the reason and request that you follow the procedures below:

  1. If your child is absent for one day or a few days please telephone the school before 10am on the first day of absence and send a note when he/she returns to school explaining the reason for the absence.
  2. If your child is likely to be absent for a week or more please keep us informed by telephoning to speak with the Pupil Attendance Officer. Then send a note when he/she returns to school explaining the reason for the absence.
  3. Appointments should be made after school or during the holidays where possible. However, if this is not possible after every effort, please write to the school or telephone before the appointment date.
  4. Avanti Court in line with Redbridge Policy operates a zero tolerance towards holidays taken during term time apart from the following agreed exceptional circumstances:

a. Serious illness or death of close relative at the discretion of the Head Teacher
b. Religious reasons (up to 3 days)
c. Sudden loss of housing through eviction or domestic violence up to a maximum of 3 days.
d. Out of school programmes at high level (music exams for example). This is at the discretion of the Head Teacher.
e. Weddings of close relatives when an explanation why this is not happening at the weekend or during holidays. Only one such request will be considered whilst at Avanti Court (1 day).

Good Attendance

100% Attendance for the term = Children rewarded with a certificate and a non-uniform day

Poor Attendance

We are responsible for monitoring attendance and ensuring children have their educational entitlement. If attendance is causing concern the school will contact parents to arrange an appointment with the Educational Welfare Officer. Other services may be involved should the school consider this necessary. Parents who take their children on holidays during term time may be fined (fixed penalty notice), and the absence will be marked as unauthorized and may result in the child losing their place at the school.


Lateness is monitored and recorded by the school as a legal requirement. Parents/carers of children who are regularly late are likely to be contacted by the Pupil Attendance Officer in the first instance and then may receive a visit from the Educational Welfare Officer. The Headteacher will contact parents/carers of children with persistent lateness. As with low attendance, lateness is detrimental to a child’s education because they will miss the start of the opening session of the school day.

Please read the important documents regarding attendance of London Borough of Redbridge:

Click here to download the Redbridge Attendance Strategy   Attendance Strategy LBR 2019

Redbridge Code of Conduct

We insist on good attendance and punctuality because we want all Avanti Court children to have the best possible start in life and know that good attendance leads to educational success. Whilst the Headteacher has overall discretion, his decisions are guided by Government expectations, directives and Redbridge Policy.

Help us to help your child: Attendance Matters! Every Day Counts!