Understanding Ofsted

What purpose do inspections serve?

To provide external validation of the school’s judgements, to be a critical eye on the school’s work and to challenge and support leadership teams in identifying with greater insight the needs and priorities of the school.

Do these results influence other matters?

Results influence the School Development Plans which guide the work of the school, influence who we might recruit (e.g. if Maths is an issue we might look for a maths specialist – also how we spend money depends on needs of school etc).

How does it tie in with Ofsted?

We use Ofsted gradings and expectations to guide judgements made – also the Ofsted Inspection framework which sets out criteria.

If the school is deemed bad in some way, what are the implications?

Many possibilities – but more intervention from inspectors, Local Authorities, changes in school leadership should this be necessary.


The Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted), inspected Avanti Court on the 25th September 2018. They agreed with the school’s self-evaluation that the school is a ‘good’ school.

2020 Ofsted Monitoring Visit 

2018 Ofsted Report
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