Jay Shetty @ Avanti House Secondary, Harrow

Jay is an award-winning host, storyteller and viral content creator. Since launching his video channel in 2016, Jay’s viral wisdom videos have garnered over 6.5 billion views and gained over 34 million followers globally. This makes him one of the most viewed people on the internet internationally. Jay filmed three videos with Avanti students [...]

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Avanti Fields – Brand new site!

The planning application for the permanent site for Avanti Fields School will be submitted by the contractor (BAM Construct UK) in the next few weeks – please note that the application has to be submitted by the builders (BAM construct UK) and not by Avanti Schools Trust. Trustees are confident that the application will be [...]

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Statement from Avanti Schools Trust

Dear pupils, parents/carers and staff, The Trustees and Senior Leadership team of the Avanti Schools Trust are delighted to welcome the students, parents and school staff from the south-west Steiner schools at Bristol, Exeter and Frome into the Avanti family of schools. You will all know that Avanti currently runs secondary and primary schools in [...]

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Statement from Avanti Schools Trust

As we get closer to the date of transfer we feel it would be helpful to set clarify how we anticipate the schools will operate during the spring and summer terms of 2020 and how we intend to undertake the promised curriculum review. Post transfer and pre-curriculum review New names for each school When the [...]

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Statement in relation to the transfer of SW Steiner Academies to Avanti Schools Trust

The AST Board of Trustees, subject to formal agreement with the Department for Education, has agreed to become the ‘incoming trust’ for the three SW Steiner Academies (Bristol, Frome and Exeter). The Chair of the AST Board, Professor Mike Younger, states: ‘I am pleased to report that the AST Board has decided to progress ahead [...]

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AST and BSN statement

Avanti Schools Trust and Hertfordshire County Council Hertfordshire County Council has announced that Avanti Schools Trust has been chosen to run the new non-faith primary schools and secondary school in Bishops Stortford. Avanti Schools Trust (AST) is delighted to have been selected as the Multi-Academy Trust that, in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council, will maintain [...]

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Avanti Schools Trust invited to sponsor schools in the South West region

The Secretary of State for Education has approved Avanti Schools Trust (AST) as the sponsor in principle for three all-through academies in the SW region (Bristol, Frome and Exeter). The Department for Education (DfE) has asked AST to undertake a listening period before the end of the current academic year to allow parents and staff [...]

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A day in the life of a Teacher

From the moment we walked through the door on our first day at Avanti House Primary School we were immediately greeted with a smile by one of our mentors. We were made to feel welcome by all members of staff and the children as we were taken on a tour around the school. For the [...]

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