On behalf of the students, staff and School Stakeholder Committee, I warmly welcome you to Avanti Fields School. Our ethos is built around three key principles of Educational Excellence, Spiritual Insight and Character Formation. 

The educational vision for Avanti Fields School is one where deeply inspired teachers nurture joyful pupils and nourish their innate passion for learning. Learning at Avanti Fields is a quest to discover each pupil’s unique gifts and potential to lay the foundation for a lifelong journey of discovery.

Students are actively involved in creating their own paths of learning and choose which areas they wish to gain deeper insights into. We strive to provide every pupil an opportunity to shine and develop their own personal leadership skills. We rejoice in the success of others and support those pupils who haven’t yet developed their voice. Avanti Fields students display intellectual sophistication and empathy when they see themselves and others reflected in their school and learning experiences.

As Acting Principal of Avanti Fields School, I will be working hard and leading the team to ensure that we empower each pupil, understand what your child needs help with to succeed, and continue the culture of positive collaboration with parents.

Your child’s journey through Avanti Fields will allow them to practice ethical and compassionate acts that are beneficial for others and their community, and make the world a better place.

Miss Bardsley

Acting Principal