The challenges of the new GCSE grading system and the tougher examinations certainly did not stop the students from year 11 from achieving an excellent set of examination results across all the subjects. They have achieved some of the highest grades with excellent performances enabling them to take the next steps at Avanti House and achieve their aspirations for the future. There were notable and exceptional performances with many students gaining the highest grade 9’s with two students gaining 9’s in all of their subjects, Astha Kothari and Shivali Vaya gained the clean sweep which is amazing as only 732 students across the country achieved this. We are all incredibly proud of all the students as they have worked so hard with the support of proud parents, carers and teachers.

 32% of all grades in all subjects are 9-7 (A*/A)
88% Mathematics 9-4 (A*-C)
47% Mathematics 9-7 (A*/A)
91% English overall 9-4(A*-C)
50% Physics 9-7 (A*/A)
49 % Chemistry 9-7 (A*/A)
40% Biology 9-7 (A*/A)
82% have gained English and Maths 9-4(A*-C)