We are writing to inform you that we have begun discussions with Floreat Education Academies Trust to explore a possible merger, which would see the Floreat schools join the Avanti Schools Trust.

One of our strategic aspirations has always been the inclusion of non-denominational schools within the Avanti trust. The Floreat ethos and vision of education is fully aligned with Avanti’s and we couldn’t have hoped for a better match. Most important of all, we believe the inclusion of the Floreat schools has the potential to genuinely benefit both Floreat and Avanti students.

Should the merger go ahead, Avanti will become a mixed Multi Academy Trust, comprising a group of Hindu faith schools and a group of non-denominational schools. There will be a single Board of Trustees accountable to the DfE for all of the schools. The schools will collaborate as one body, sharing expertise and professional development.

The three current Floreat Schools are high-performing, but their model of only operating primary free schools has proved financially challenging. The Floreat Board of Trustees has decided that a merger with a larger trust – and particularly one that shares their educational vision and values – is in the long-term interests of pupils, parents and staff.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the merger, please do let us know. If you would like to comment on the proposal, please email us on: [email protected]. All responses to this consultation are requested by 31st January 2018.

A full report will then be submitted to the Regional Schools Commissioner in the Department for Education (DfE), and we anticipate a final decision on the merger will then be taken in the spring term.

Yours sincerely,

Nitesh Gor

Chief Executive


Will the faith character of Avanti Schools change? No, the Avanti schools will operate with the same faith and ethos policies.

Will the merger effect the operation of Avanti Schools? The Avanti schools will operate as usual, focusing as before, on continuous improvement. The final decision to merge will be made by the Board and this will be done on the basis that it improves the Trust as a whole.

Why are Floreat and Avanti merging? Floreat and Avanti share a wonderful educational vision based on academic excellence, character development and human flourishing. Working together, we have the capacity to achieve a bold ambition for the children, families and communities we serve.

What will the merger mean on a day-to-day basis? The schools will continue to operate as they do now on a day-to-day basis. The leadership and teaching structures will not change.

Will the faith character of Floreat schools change? No. The Floreat schools will retain their non-faith designated status and this will not change.

What are the financial implications? As a larger group of schools there will be an opportunity to make economies of scale, reduce costs and share expertise in teaching and administration. The positive financial benefit will ultimately be felt in the classroom.

How will the merger improve the schools? By working in a larger group, there will be wider opportunities to share outstanding practice. There will be the opportunity to provide excellent professional development opportunities to motivate and retain experienced teachers. We will also benefit from having both primary and secondary teachers within the Trust.

Will the merger increase staff movement? The merger will provide a wider range of career routes for staff within the larger Trust, benefiting all staff.

Are members of Floreat joining the Avanti Board? The merger proposals being considered will see two Floreat Board members join the Avanti Board.

Will staff be consulted? A full staff consultation will take place, for four school weeks, starting in January.

How will the decision to merge be made? Following the consultation and due diligence process, the two separate Boards of Trustees will consider the feedback and vote as to whether they agree to the merger. A formal application including a business case will be submitted to the Regional Schools Commissioner who will make the final decision.

When will the two trusts formally merge? If the merger is approved, we expect Floreat and Avanti to merge by September 2018.