Principal’s Welcome

Hare Krishna! Welcome Avanti House Primary School where everyone is welcome and included!

At Avanti House, education is about developing the whole child and providing opportunities for them to flourish within and beyond the classroom. It is the aim of the whole school team to help each child to become a successful learner and well-rounded individual who is ready to take the next steps in their journey. As perfectly described by a spiritual saint called Radhanath Swami, “If we actually want to make the world a better place and give joy and fulfilment to our children, empowering them to give the same for others, we have to build the foundation of our education on human values.”

Avanti House is a very happy school where the behaviour and attitudes to learning by all pupils are exceptional. When Ofsted inspectors visited the school in December 2019, they reported: “Leaders and all staff place a strong emphasis on promoting pupils’’ character and their personal development. These are key features of the ‘Avanti Way’ and the school’s aims. Pupils develop a strong sense of self-belief and an understanding of respect and tolerance. Older pupils told us all about different types of family, for example, and we saw pupils discussing suffering in the world and what they could do to put an end to it.”

Our unique school community is vibrant and dedicated. All staff and parents come together to secure the very best outcomes for the pupils within their care. The relentless commitment and high expectations staff hold for our pupils is truly remarkable.

We would love for you to visit and experience our special school.

Lalita Joshi