Welcome to Year 1 – Dancing Dolphins & Talented Turtles

The Year 1 team for the 2021-22 academic year are:

Dancing Dolphins
Miss Popat (Class Teacher)
Miss Raval (LSA) & Mrs Khatri

Talented Turtles
Miss Parmar (Class Teacher & KS1 Lead)
Mrs Akula, Ms Asim & Ms Halai (LSAs)

Dear Year 1 Parents and Carers,

Please find the spellings attached below.

The page will be updated at the end of each half term. Please open the document for further instructions.

Thank you,
Year 1 Team.


Year 1 Spellings Autumn 1

Year 1 Spellings Autumn 2

Please see the curriculum overview for Autumn 1 below.  At times, we may link subjects together for enhanced learning opportunities. Encourage your children to share what they have learnt from the overviews to enable meaningful and engaging conversations about their learning.

Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview

Dear Parents,

Please find important information regarding your child’s learning below.

We have attached a recommended reading list, some home learning activities you can do in your own time and useful websites.


Year 1 Team.

Year 1 Recommended Reading List

Picture Comprehension Activity  

Picture Comprehension Activity Example

Vocab Activity 

Vocab Activity Example





Dear Year 1 Parents and Carers,

Please note any key information will be shared on this page.

Year 1 Questions for Reading Bookmark Question Cards

Diwali Drop Down Day – November 2020

For Diwali Drop Down Day the children in Year 1 created the forest where Shri Ram, Sita Maa and Laxman were exiled. First, they created the colour green/brown using their knowledge of primary colours. They then used their fine motor skills to rip pieces of paper to create the trees/sky and add a picture of Shri Ram, Sita Maa and Laxman.

Black History Month – October 2020

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed their learning about Black History Month. Their learning began with reflective conversations about their differences and similarities and what makes them special. They used colour and texture to create self-portraits and wrote down their thoughts about what makes them special.

They continued their learning by researching about Henry ‘Box’ Brown. A slave who parcelled himself from the Southern part of America to Pennsylvania to find freedom. The children learnt key vocabulary such as chronological order and time connectives as they created a timeline of Henry’s life events. They reflected on his life and thought about the array of emotions and feelings he would have gone through during his life.

The children created their own ‘Freedom’ box. They were asked: “If you came out of a freedom box, what would you become and why?” They were super creative! They thought about their talents and skills and came up with some fascinating ideas!

This is what the children reflected about their learning:   Year 1 Pupil voice

Freedom Boxes:


Year 1 Self-portraits

National Fitness Day – 23.9.20
The children enjoyed talking about why it is important to keep fit. They thought about the different activities they do to keep fit and discussed with their peers about their own lifestyles.

Recycle Week – 21.9.20 to 25.9.20
The children explored the importance of recycling throughout the week. They engaged in discussions thinking about what can be recycled, how they recycle and what they could do for the environment. They created mind maps and the classes wrote acrostic poems.