At Avanti House Primary School, the pupil’s welfare is of paramount importance. We fully recognise the contribution that we can make to protect children and support pupils in our school. We believe that it is everybody’s responsibility, within our school community, to safeguard and protect children.

We recognise the following four elements as pivotal to our responsibilities:

  • Prevention (e.g. positive school atmosphere, teaching and pastoral support for pupils, safer recruitment procedures);
  • Protection (by following agreed procedures, ensuring staff are trained and supported to respond appropriately and sensitively to Child Protection concerns);
  • Support (to pupils and school staff and to children who may have been harmed or abused);
  • Working with parents (to ensure appropriate communications and actions are taken).

The school Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is Mr Koorichh and the Deputy DSLs are Mrs Joshi and Ms Parmar.

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