Staff and pupils have together created a set of principles that underpin the excellence of teaching and learning of science at our school:


Science Quote of the Month (June/July 2020)

Change really does begin with us………..


Science Newsletter Summer 2020 Edition

Science Newsletter Summer 2020 Edition

The Einstein Juniors have made a summer science quiz for you to try at home:

Science Quiz Questions

Science Quiz Answers

Meet the Einstein Juniors:

‘We are the newly elected science ambassadors for our school. We are excited to embark on this fantastic journey of celebrating good science. Over the next term and beyond, we will be supporting our teachers to make science even more exciting and adventurous at Avanti House Primary School.’

Promoting the learning of science outside of school

Dear Parents, there are numerous resources online to support the learning of science outside of school including: Explorify, Tigtag, Science Sparks, Royal Institution Experimental, Khan academy, STEM learning, Experimental, SEERIH innovations, National Geographic kids, Woodland juniors, Topmarks

Please explore with your child(ren) at home and then share your experiences with us.

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