Welcome to Year 6 – Courageous Canaries & Optimistic Owls

The team for the 2020-2021 academic year are:

Courageous Canaries
Miss Hirani (Class Teacher)
Ms Samuels (LSA)
Mrs Nandha (1:1 support)

Optimistic Owls
Mr Chavhunduka (Class Teacher)
Mrs Das (LSA)

Dear Children,

Please see below your Christmas Holiday Tasks. Choose a minimum of 3 – 1 must be the writing task.

SpaG online and Spellings do not count as part of the 6 options – these must be completed.

Homework is due Wednesday 6th January 2021.

Year 6 christmas homework

*Click below to see the year 5/6 curriculum words*

Thank you for attending the year 5/6 Workshop. Please see the presentation slide below.

Year 5 6 Parents SPAG

Thank you for attending the Year 6 Curriculum Workshop. Please see the presentation slide below.

YR 6 Presentation for Parents’ Meeting Autumn 1

Some parents requested a suggested reading list for their children. Please see ‘useful links’ where a website with a suggested list has been attached.

Please see below for important information

Dear Parents,

Attached is our curriculum map for the year. We would like to remind you that the curriculum maps are just an outline of what we intend to do. As innovative teachers who believe in working to the children’s interests and needs, we may sometimes change some planning or units. You will be updated of this half termly with our half term parent curriculum letters. Due to COVID-19, there is a greater importance in ensuring gaps are closed, and time is given for your children to access and consolidate learning. Whilst we are aware they will be sitting their SATs, and this is something we will always have in mind when planning learning, we do wish to focus on what the children’s needs are. There is a greater focus this year in developing their character, which we know many of you will agree is very important for transitioning into high school. The curriculum map has been carefully thoughout out and planned, and we will use this as a working and developing document.

Year 6 Spring 1 curriculum overview

Look out for information that will follow of our SATs workshop in Spring.

Year 6 Curriculum map 2020 to 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

Below are some useful links for you to explore with your children. Some of these links may primarily be of your interest and some are for your children to explore with yourselves. The links range from subject related, to E-Safety and well-being for children.

Suggested Reading List:



Comprehension worksheets (with answers):

Maths Test Practise:

  1. Year 6 parent curriculum workshop – Wednesday 9th September 2020 – via zoom

Year 6 Blogs

Project Pollution – Competition Time!

Thank you to Anaya Patel and Fayth Patel in 6CC for beginning this project! It is incredibly worrying that we could be contributing to a huge pollution problem! Anaya and Fayth have come up with a way to make a huge change within our school community, benefiting our local area too. So, let’s win this competition year 6! Get your parents involved and check out the following letter to see how your parents can win a little treat too!

Autumn 2 project pollution


Well done to Saani Shah (6CC) who presented her homework so simply and neatly. Please use this as a guidance for how clear and neat your homework should be. Taking pride in work and presentation is something which Saani tries very hard in. This reflects upon her attitude to learning and it makes Saani feel proud of herself too. We know you all can produce neat and presentable homework so let’s try to aim to do just that. Click below to see her work

Homework Expectation

National Fitness Day – 25th September 2019

Year 6 had great fun in and out of class with taking part in National Fitness Day. Some explored their personal fitness in their PE lesson through yoga and we all participated in fitness within our learning. Read our blogs below…

Leila Nandha (6CC)

National fitness day really benefited me, because it made me more focused during lessons and it was a lot of fun too! Yoga, I felt, was a very important part of yesterday as well, due to the fact that it put me in a calm mindset, ready for the day ahead, and it also relaxed my muscles and helped them to fell less stiff. Doing a bit of exercise before our lessons made me feel energetic, fit and it was nice to do a bit of exercise that wasn’t running or doing a sport, but it was a fitness dance! Our whole school dance was so much fun, and it was really nice to do it as a whole school. Three girls from year six, put together a fitness dance for the whole school to learn. It was a really nice experience, and a very fun day!

Neev Kerai and Oscar Chen (6CC)

Yesterday, it was National fitness day and an extremely long but fun day.We started  the day of with some PE and some yoga, which stretched our muscles so we could do better passes and of throwing technique’s for netball. We then came up and started a quick warm up ,which led us into working harder than usual. Before we did maths we did a little shake up, which gave us an energetic shock and made us work faster. The whole school gathered up to join in with the dance and they were really influenced in the routine and ended everyone’s day on an ecstatic experience of joy.

Aditi Halai (6CC)

On our fitness day, we had an energetic and great time doing different types of exercises – which is healthy for our body. As we exercise, our heart pumps harder and circulates blood in a quicker pace to deliver oxygen into our muscles, which is a very good benefit to our bodies. It also helps our heart muscle become better in pumping blood throughout our body! That’s why we celebrated National Fitness day; to keep ourselves fit and healthy!