The following statutory and Trust-wide policies can be found (or are referenced) by clicking here.

  • Accessibility Plan
  • Admissions
  • Anti-bullying & Cyber-bullying policy
  • Bring Your Own Device to Work Policy
  • Capability of Staff
  • Central Record of Recruitment and Vetting Checks
  • Charging and Remissions
  • Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and Procedure
  • Collective Worship
  • Complaints procedure
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Data Protection
  • Early Years Foundation Stage Policy
  • Ethos Handbook
  • Equality Policy
  • First Aid Policy
  • Health and Safety
  • Home-School Contract
  • Minutes & Papers of Governing Body Committees
  • Model Publication Scheme (Freedom of Information)
  • Physical Intervention and Reasonable Force Policy
  • Premises Management Documents
  • Register of Business Interests of Heads and Governors
  • Register of Pupils’ admission to School
  • Register of Pupils’ attendance
  • School Behaviour (Behaviour for learning)
  • School Information Published on Website
  • Sex Education
  • Special Needs Education and Learning Differences and Disabilities Policy
  • Staff discipline, conduct and grievance
  • Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions
  • Unacceptable Behaviour policy

Avanti Schools Trust understands their commitment under the new General Data Protection Regulations. Please click here to view our updated Data Protection Policy and relevant Privacy Notices.

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Anti Bullying and Cyber Bullying Click Here
Attendance Click Here
Behaviour for Learning Click Here
Child Protection and Safeguarding Click Here
Equality Click Here
Health and Safety Click Here
Lone Working Click Here
Off-site and Residential Actives Click Here
Prevent Click Here
Relationships and Sex Education Click Here
SEND Click Here
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Click Here
English Policy Click Here