Our Specialisms

Performing Arts Specialism

At Avanti House, we see the Performing Arts as a powerful means for helping pupils develop self-confidence and communication skills in a wide range of settings. It is also a key element in living out the distinctive faith and aesthetic ethos of the school. Among other real benefits for your child, Performing Arts can help develop:

  • Their understanding by bringing together the spiritual, physical, aesthetic and intellectual.
  • A growing understanding of the role of performance as an offering and service to the Divine and to others.
  • An awareness of the relationship between excellence, skill and practice.
  • Growing confidence in working with and for others in a variety of roles, including leadership.
  • A growing ability to deal with new situations, to problem-solve and a range of linguistic, musical and movement abilities.

Mathematics Specialism

As well as ensuring that all young people reach a level of numeracy that enables them to access and engage with the numerical requirements of society, mathematical approaches to the world and to learning will be essential elements of the distinctiveness of the school. The Mathematics specialism at Avanti House will give your child:

  • The skills and knowledge to manipulate and use numbers with growing confidence and skill in a wide range of contexts.
  • A growing understanding of and engagement with the economic world we live in and their roles and responsibilities within it.
  • Skills in shaping and posing questions and developing convincing arguments that can be presented in a variety of ways.
  • A growing understanding that, beyond the functional, Mathematics has rich spiritual, historical and cultural roots.