Welcome to Year 3 – Kind Kangaroos and Gentle Giraffes

The Year 3 team for the 2020-21 academic year are:

Kind Kangaroos
Mrs Sandhu (Class Teacher)

Ms Mohamed-Ali (LSA)

Ms Samidie (1:2:1 LSA)

Gentle Giraffes
Ms Chapra (Class Teacher)

Ms Mohamed-Ali (LSA)

Mrs Thakkar (1:2:1 LSA)

Dear Parents / Carers

Homework will be posted on GC at the end of the week.


Ms Chapra and Mrs Sandhu

Aut 01 Week 3 Maths Homework

Here is a list of the spelling rules for Year Three. Please refer to these as they will inform your child’s homework.



class spelling Booklet Autumn 1

SPAG workshop for Year 3 and 4

Dear Parents/carers,

Please see the curriculum overviews below. Kindly have a look a the attached documents and discuss with your children what they have covered as they progress through the terms. At times, we may link subjects together for enhanced learning opportunities. Encourage your children to share what they have learnt from the overviews to enable meaningful and engaging conversations about their learning.

Year 3 Yearly Curriculum Overview 2021 – 2022

Year 3 Half Term Curriculum Overview Summer 1

Year 3 Half Termly Overview Spring 2

Year 3 Half Termly Overview Spring 1

Year 3 Half Termly Overview Autumn 2

Year 3 Half Termly Overview Autumn 1

Homework 2020-2021

Dear Year 3 parents, Hare Krishna, Please have a look at the homework attached. Have a look at the calculation policy which is attached to help you with the maths strategies. Also remember to practise your times tables from the Times tables rockstar and Mathletics. Read very day with your child. We have updated the bug club after in class assessments. If you have less books of the colour on which your child is, please read the books again and answer the questions which are attached here. Also, as always, do what you can with your child. Have a lovely half term. Take care and stay safe! Year 3 teachers

Aut 01 Week 5 Maths Homework
Pronouns homework
Dear year 3 parents,
We hope you had a great week.
Please find the homework below:
English Homework
Maths Homework
Wb 21.9.2020
Dear year 3 parents,
The Homework can now be accessed from Google classroom as well as here, on the website. Please return it through Google classroom by the following Wednesday. Thank you.
Yr 3 Sanskrit Homework
Spellings Suffixed-onesyllable
Recycle week Homework
Week 3 Maths Homework
Dear year 3 parents,
As we are still awaiting Google Classroom to be fully functional, we will put the weekly homework on the website, until we send you official communication – please continue to check the website on a weekly basis. Thank you.
Keep the sheets at home and you can upload them onto Google Classroom when it is up and running – please do not send them to school. Thank you.
English Editing Task
Maths Homework
Spellings Week 2 Suffixing-onesyllable
Wb 7.9.20Wb
Week 1 Maths Homework
Music project 

Multi Faith gallery

Buddhism Year 3

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Dear parents,

Hare Krishna, Welcome to the new academic year 2020-2021. We pray you and your loved ones are well and safe. Kindly have a look at the curriculum overview below. Also just a gentle reminder that 3KK has PE on Tuesday and Yoga on Thursday. 3GG has PE and yoga both on Thursday. Thanks.

2020-2021 Autumn term Curriculum information for parents

Dear soon to be year 3 children and parents,

Well done for completing an exceedingly difficult academic year. We are extremely impressed by your efforts in accessing learning while at home. You now have a long summer break to enjoy and prepare to return to school in September. We know many of you are keen to ensure your children are taking part in some learning over the break so that they retain the excellent teaching and learning that has taken place in previous years. Therefore, the year 3 teachers have provided some extra work for the summer holidays. We would like you to complete the character formation reflection and bring it to school on the first day, 3rd September, 2020. Practise SPAG, Handwriting and times tables through the work posted on Google Classroom and the school website, Year 3, 2020-2021 tab. This work is optional and children do not need to bring it to school. Continue to read daily and practise your times tables and spellings. Some children enjoy completing a written diary weekly to share with their teacher in September. Remember to take care and look after yourselves. We will see you all in September 2020.

Your Year 3 Teachers,
Ms Chapra and Mrs Pant

Character Development Summer Project

Multiplication Challenge – Colour

Activity Booklet – ANSWERS(a.v)

Activity Booklet (a.v)



Photos from the recycling week