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AST Policy Handbook

This Policy Handbook  contains all of the Avanti Schools Trust’s (non-HR) statutory policies (denoted with an asterisk) and other key Trust-wide policies.

The policies in this handbook apply to all schools that are part of the Avanti Schools Trust family. Below is a list of policies covered in the Handbook.

Please click here to view the AST Food Policy. 

  • Accessibility Plan

  • Admissions

  • Anti-bullying & Cyber Bullying

  • Bring your own device to work

  • Capability of Staff

  • Central Record of Recruitment & Vetting Checks

  • Charging and Remissions

  • Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and Procedure

  • Collective Worship

  • Complaints Procedure

  • Conflicts of Interest

  • Data Protection

  • Early Years Foundation Stage

  • Ethos Handbook

  • Equality

  • First Aid

  • Health and Safety

  • Home-School Contract

  • Minutes & Papers of Governing Body Committees

  • Model Publication Scheme (Freedom of Information)

  • Physical Intervention and Reasonable Force

  • Premises Management Documents

  • Register of Business Interests of Heads and Governors

  • Register of Pupils’ admission to School

  • Register of Pupils Attendance

  • School Behaviour

  • School Information Published on Websites

  • Sex Education

  • SEND

  • Staff discipline, conduct and grievance

  • Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

  • Unacceptable Behaviour