Welcome to Year 4 – Humble Hippos & Respectful Rhinos.

The team for the 2019-20 academic year are:

Humble Hippos
Ms Sharda / Mrs Joshi (Class Teachers)

Respectful Rhinos
Mrs Sandhu (Class Teacher)

Mrs Jani (Year 4 LSA)

Dear Year 4,

2020 has been an interesting year for us all… You have all grown a lot and shown resilience and perseverance by continuing to complete your work on Google Classroom and engage with us in our zoom lessons. We are proud of you all for keeping up the hard work and wish we could wish you a great summer holiday in person!

You have 3 tasks to work on this summer:

1) Character development project – Bhakti plant (see PowerPoint)

2) Maths questions and timetables

3) English SPAG activities

Teachers will not be checking your work over the summer but will have a look at it once you are back at school.

Have a beautiful summer break everyone!

Character Development Project

Character Development Summer Project (2) (1)



2. Multiplication-and-Division-Consolidation-RPS

4. 6-Times-Table-and-Division-Facts

5. Loop-Cards-Multiplication-Facts-6-7-9-11-12

6. Loop-Cards-Division-Facts-6-7-9-11-12




English – SPAG

Year 4 Summer English Activity Booklet

Answers summer activity pack

Year 4 summer term 2 Mat 5

Year 4 summer term 2 Mat 6

Year 4 summer term 2 Mat 1

Year 4 summer term 2 Mat 2

Year 4 summer term 2 Mat 3

Year 4 summer term 2 Mat 4

Google Classroom:

Thursday 2nd July 2020

Maths PowerPoint 1 slides 62-79

Maths PowerPoint 2

Maths Challenges and answers for kids

Maths Cut solve and check

English Wed +Thursday famous black people

English Week beginning 29th June

Art Week Instructions

Friday 3rd July 2020

English Week beginning 29th June

Maths PowerPoint 1 slides

Maths Consolidation-Position-and-Direction

Art Week Instructions

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 6th-8th July 2020

The Black Hat Activity Pack 

PSHE Lesson 1 Wellbeing – Connect with Others

PSHE Lesson 2 Wellbeing – Physical Activity


Tues –Addition-and-Subtraction-Consolidation-Pack


Homework Archive

PRE Homework 22.05.2020

PRE Homework for 22.05.20 Year 3&4 – Lord Ram and the boatman

Year 4 Easter Holiday Homework

Maths Mystery Easter Game

Easter Story PowerPoint

Dear Parents/Carers.

I hope that this message finds you in good health and consciousness. As part of our ongoing commitment to offering a balanced curriculum during these testing times, Mr Ananda and I have created some PRE homework and resources to support children with their PRE learning whilst at home Year 4 PRE Homework 31.03.20

Children can complete the activity/reflection in their homework books or create their own reflection book. This work will not be marked by the class teacher, but children can bring their work in when we return to school and discuss their reflections with Mr Ananda during their next PRE lesson. At this point, we have no clear directive from the Government as to when this will be.

Wishing you and your families well.

Regards, Mr Koorichh and Mr Ananda

Maths Homework

English Homework

Year 4 Homework 20.3.20

Year 4 Homework 13.3.20

12.3.2020 Sanskrit Homework – Stories and Vocabulary

Science week Homework project

Year 4 Homework 06.03.20

 Sanskrit Homework – Verse

Whole-school Film Festival Homework

English Homework 28.02.2020

Maths Homework 28.02.2020

Sanskrit Homework 28.02.2020

Year 4 Half-term Homework 14..2.20

Year 4 Sanskrit Homework 11.2.20

Year 4 Homework 10.01.20

Year 4 Homework 17.01.20

Year 4 Homework 24.01.20

Year 4 Homework 31.01.20

Sanskrit Homework. Songs for Assembly

Year 4 Homework 07.02.20

Dear Parents/carers,

Please see the curriculum overviews below. Kindly have a look a the attached documents and discuss with your children what they have covered as they progress through the terms. At times, we may link subjects together for enhanced learning opportunities. Encourage your children to share what they have learnt from the overviews to enable meaningful and engaging conversations about their learning.

Year 4  Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview 2019-2020

Year 4 Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview 2019-2020

Year 4 Spring 1 Curriculum Overview 2019-2020

Year 4 Spring 2 Curriculum Overview 2019-2020

Year 4 Summer 1 Curriculum Overview 2019-2020

Year 4 Summer 2 Curriculum Overview 2019-2020

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Year 4 Science Week

Science Experiment – Can you undo water pollution?

In this experiment Year 4 children learned just how hard it is to undo water pollution.

We grabbed a bucket of clean water, some household trash, vegetable oil (to stand for toxic oil spills), tongs, and a strainer.

Children took turns adding rubbish to the water. After the water was filled with rubbish, we tried to remove all of the pollution using tongs and a strainer.

After 15 minutes of trying to remove all of the pollutants, we were left with a pile of trash and water that was still oily and dirty.

The conclusion ~ It is impossible to remove all of the pollutants from the water.

Lava Lamp Making

Money Sense Workshop – World Maths Day

Year 4 participated in the Money sense workshop this week.Our task was to write a recount of:

  • What we did
  • What we used
  • What we learnt
  • How it relates to real life
  • Whether we would recommend this workshop for the future year 4’s

Please click on the files below to read two wonderful recounts by Rishabh Haria (Year 4RR) and Mehek Gujar (Year4HH)


My Money Sense Recount – Rishabh Haria Year 4RR

Year 4 Sanskrit Assembly

Year 4 performed a wonderful Sanskrit assembly on Tuesday 11th of February which showcased everything children have learnt in the past year about this ancient language. Children spoke confidently and eloquently in Sanskrit and used drama to demonstrate what they have learnt. Mrs Bhanderi worked very hard to put this Sanskrit assembly together and we are thankful to her for her dedication to our school! The Sanskrit assembly showcased children’s progress in all three pillars of our school: academic excellence, character formation and spiritual insight.

DT Workshop with Mr Vara – Seasonal Foods

On Friday 31st of January, Mr Vara (Shriya’s Dad) visited Avanti House Primary to deliver a workshop to enhance our current DT topics on ‘Seasonal Foods’. Mr Vara began the session by first of all exploring different types of fruit and vegetables which he brought to the classroom. Some were well-known, where others were unusual and new to the children. The children had discussions on where the fruit and vegetables come from, where they grow, what and how they can be used in cooking and the seasons that they grow in. After a lengthy discussion and an opportunity to touch a variety of fruit and vegetables, children went to the school’s lovely cookery room to use fruit and vegetables to make a pasta bake and apple crumble. How delicious! Children discussed the different kitchen equipment which was necessary for this and how to prepare food. Every child had an opportunity to take part in preparing these two dishes. Year 4 also created their own menu in their DT books using different fruit and vegetables which were discussed today.

A big thank you to Mr Vara for delivering such an interactive, fun and meaningful session for Year 4 children.

Have a look at the scrumptious food we cooked below! 🙂

Remembrance Day Assembly

Year 4 children presented a beautiful, meaningful and engaging assembly for parents on Friday 15th of November 2019. Children spoke about this important day in the form of poetry, song and drama. Both parents and teachers were very impressed with how children spoke with confidence and maturity. In PSHE and English lessons, children learnt about Remembrance Day and its significance. Year 4 explored the meaning of war and peace and wrote beautiful poems based on these. Have a look at the pictures below!


Year 4 African Activities Workshop

As a part of Black History Month, Year 4 children attended an exciting workshop and explored different rhythms on African drums. Everybody participated and
contributed to the music, storytelling and took part in a purposeful recycling activity. It was a fun experience which was rounded off with a dance
performance at the end of the day. It was all about team work, listening skills and developing self- confidence!
Our pupils had a fun and informative day, a day where the sunshine of Africa shone in the school!

Roald Dahl Visit 2019

On Tuesday 16th July, we went to the Roald Dahl Museum, at the Bucks County Museum as part of our English topic, where we wrote our version of ‘The Magic Finger’.

I enjoyed making the dream bottles as it was very cool and something new to me. In the dream bottle, we put feathers, tissue paper and glitter to describe our dream. Then we wrote about our dream on the label- it was amazing and super fun!

I would recommend this trip for the next year 4 as it is very interesting and interactive.

By Aum Vaghani 4RR

AHPS Year 4 visit to the Henry Moore Exhibition 2019

Year 4 pupils had an exciting and interactive visit to the Henry Moore Museum.  Pupils experienced his iconic work in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside.

Pupils were able to make links with their own art work and further enhanced their sketching skills.

On Friday 26th April, I really enjoyed seeing some sculptures because some drawings were really fascinating. Some sculptures were smooth, rough and steady. We also drew some sketches of these sculptures. From this visit, I learnt that drawings and sculptures don’t have to be perfect. I would recommend is trip to nee next year 4 as they can see, feel and draw the sculptures they see in the pictures that are shown to us.’

Dheer Shah, 4RR

Music Lesson March 2018

In music we are learning how to play recorders and ukuleles. We always start the lesson with some singing warm up’s and singing games. We then sing some more songs and start to learn new notes on our ukuleles. Sometimes we do harmony with a range of instruments. Mrs Seymour then teachers us a new song (todays song was “Popacatapet Volcano”). We now know a C-cord and an F-cord on the Ukulele. My favourite song to learn is “Here comes Sally” on the recorder.

By Meer Patel 4HH

African Drums March 2018