Welcome to Year 4 – Humble Hippos & Respectful Rhinos.

The team for the 2020-2021 academic year are:

Humble Hippos
Miss Dela Cruz (Class Teacher)
Ms Samidie (Year 4 1:2:1 LSA)

Respectful Rhinos
Mrs Sandhu (Class Teacher)
Ms Nafiza (Year 4 LSA supporting across Year 4 classes)

Dear Year 4,

We  hope you have had a fantastic week. Please note that the homework for the Christmas break has been posted on Google Classroom.

Happy Holidays!

Miss Dela Cruz and Mrs Sandhu

Dear Parents/carers,

Please see the Autumn curriculum overview below. Kindly have a look a the attached documents and discuss with your children what they have covered as they progress through the terms. At times, we may link subjects together for enhanced learning opportunities. Encourage your children to share what they have learnt from the overviews to enable meaningful and engaging conversations about their learning.

We would like to remind you that the curriculum maps are an outline of what we intend to do. We may sometimes adapt some planning or units to meet the needs and interests of your children. You will be updated of this half termly with our half term parent curriculum letters. Due to COVID-19, there is a greater importance in ensuring gaps are closed, and time is given for your children to access and consolidate learning.

Yearly Overview

Year 4 Yearly Curriculum Map 2020 to 2021

Half-termly Overview

Year 4 Curriculum Information Sheet Autumn term 2020-21

Year 4 Curriculum Information Sheet Spring term 2020-21 

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