On Friday 14th of September, Avanti House Primary was delighted to welcome Matt Dickinson, an award-winning author and film-maker with a passion for climbing and adventure, to our school. Matt held a fun and interactive presentation for all the children about his journey as an author and his adventures in Mount Everest. Children were in awe and wonder at how brave he was when he faced the many difficulties he experienced in the mountains. At the end of his presentation, pupils had an opportunity to ask him questions. “Did you ever get a writer’s block? How did you overcome it?” asked a Year 5 child. “How did you find out that writing books was your profession? What inspired you?” asked Rishab Haria from Year 3. Children were then invited to buy his new book and get it signed. Popcorn-Eating Squirrels of the World Unite! is a funny, non-stop action-adventure story about four squirrels who dive in to all sorts of mischief and chaos in the pursuit of a delicious new foodstuff: popcorn. We hope that Avanti House pupils are now even more inspired to read and write. What an eventful day it was!

Zara Varsani 3GG “I was so excited to finally meet a real life author! I loved it when he told us about the time that we climbed the mountain, it was so captivating. I can’t wait to read his books! “