A conversation with a Police Officer!

Last Friday, on the 8th June 2018 a policeman came to give us a talk at Avanti House Primary School. He showed us police weapons such as an ASP. They used this in olden times as well, but it affected them when they were chasing criminals. Now the ASPS are shorter so it doesn’t get in their way.

They used Taser guns for serious situations; he said that if criminals do not listen to us several times we would electrify them. The colour is bright yellow so you can see it from far away. 

The policeman said that he was wearing a bullet-proof- vest, he explained that there is a metal plate inside. If somebody tries to shoot him, it would not affect him, it is also called a stab-proof vest. Without the vest he could be killed.

He told us that men and women police officers have cameras for proof so we have the footage of the criminals crime and they show it in court if the criminal does not admit the crime.

He remarked that both male and female officers have a protective helmet. Inside the helmet is a hard plastic that protects the head and brain. If somebody tries to knock them unconscious, it will hurt but would not do the job.