EYFS, KS1 and KS2 pupils performed their poems in a recent poetry recital.  All pupils had the opportunity to take part, during the auditions they had to memorise their poem, written by them, ensure that they spoke clearly and confidently whilst incorporating enthusiasm in their recitals. Each class demonstrated the British Value of Democracy when they voted for the person they felt demonstrated these qualities. The top three performers were then asked to perform their poems in front of an audience.

Each child showed great confidence to get up on stage and remember their words; however they quickly overcame their fears.

This is just another opportunity AHPS provides for our pupils, to not only demonstrate their understanding of poetry and delivering that through a key theme such as natural disasters or transporting the audience back in time to the Victorian era and bumping into Oliver Twist,  but to also continue to develop their character and their understanding of themselves.

Please see some of our highlights below.