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This page is here to be the single point of reference for all you may need during these difficult times.

Stay strong, stay safe and stay positive.

Spring Term – February 2022

We regularly review and where necessary, adapt our planning for the safety of all. The procedures are working well and we thank you all for working positively with us to make them work.

We are very pleased that all classes are back at school but we are under no illusion that the omicron variant spreads, whilst symptoms appear less severe. School is the best place for the children and the expectation from the government is schools remain open.

Where there is a positive case in your child’s class, we will inform you, but you will not be informed of exact numbers.  We strongly encourage you to use Lateral Flow Tests routinely (twice each week) to help identify asymptomatic children and by isolating, reduce the spread of the virus.

We will continue to seek advice from Public Health England (PHE).

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Take care.

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Risk Assessment and Procedures

The following document will explain how we provide our children with education when they are not at school.

Krishna Avanti Primary School – Remote Education Provision v2

Online Safety and Remote Learning Policy

The school Risk Assessment and Procedures are checked at least weekly to ensure that they are fit for purpose. Please see the latest Risk Assessment below. The need for specific procedures to tackle a rise in cases is currently not necessary so have been removed. We will however continue to:

  • Allow children to enter classes from 07:40.
  • Encourage parents to refrain from entering the building unless necessary.
  • Remind children of good hygiene and remind them to follow good practice.

KAPS Covid-19 Risk Assessment – Covid19 – 3 Feb 2022 v21