Each year we seek your views on set statements as we work hard together to make Krishna Avanti Primary School the best school it can be.

Your views are very important to help us to improve. Please complete our annual questionnaire by completing the form below. We will publish the results and and respond to comments, queries and suggestions.

Please also remember that this annual questionnaire is not the only means of communication. Please get in touch in person or by completing the contact form if you have a specific question or comment.

Thank you for your continued support.
Mr Kite

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Recent Questionnaire Results

My daughter is really happy at the school and comes home happy. My daughter has made great progress and I get feedback from her teacher on areas we need to work on and also during this pandemic I have received great support from the teacher and school.

I would highly recommend the school to anyone.

Parent's Questionnaire Comment, 20 February, 2021

The school has dealt very well under the constant pressures and changes. I do feel that homeschooling is as effective as it can be.

Parent Questionnaire Comment , February 2021

The values and education are of very good standard. All staff including Mr Kite are approachable and very helpful. Communication via the weekly newsletter is great.

Parent Questionnaire, January 2021

We particularly like the spiritual and holistic approach of Krishna Avanti. We chose this school because it embraces creativity and individualism compared to other primary schools. We also like the diversity of the staff and intake.

We are always well informed of about any aspect via email, google classroom, Arbor, text messaging etc.

Parent Questionnaire, December 2020

Very satisfied with the primary school, the teachers are so friendly and approachable. Staff, parents and all the children are one big community. School offers so much for my child to progress and develop.

Parent Questionnaire, December 2020

The school has been absolutely amazing with all the changes that have happened since COVID 19. Mr Kite and all staffs have been so accommodating and reassuring to us parents. Everything they have done has had the children at the forefront and ensuring minimum impact on them. This is very much appreciated as I can’t imagine the internal systems, processes they have had to create so that our children are ready for remote learning.

Parent Questionnaire , November 2020

Love the school, what it stands for and its ethos. Would recommend it to every parent.

Parent Questionnaire, October 2020

I’ve moved my son to Krishna Avanti this year. He came from another school and was really struggling. In a space of a few months he is striving at your school – I wished we had moved him earlier but still glad we moved him. The school and especially Mrs Chauhan has believed in him and the sports and opportunities he’s had in the few months he has been here has been more than all the 5 years at another school had given him. Thank you Krishna Avanti!

Parent Questionnaire, November 2020

am very happy my child attends Krishna Avanti as I have not seen a school like this before. I am very happy with his learning from when he started in foundation and the level he is at now in year 1. The school staff and teachers are very nice and helpful I would recommend Krishna Avanti to anyone I know. 

Parent Questionnaire, 13 November, 2021