The past week has been extremely busy but hugely positive. We have hosted a Challenge Partners Review which highlighted a large number of very good areas across the school; it is anti-bullying week which started the week off with some odd socks and reminders for all about the positivity of differences; and the week finished with some activities organised by our Young Leaders for Children in Need.

A huge thank you for supporting the events and the children’s work to organise them. It was lovely whilst talking to a parent on Thursday morning, that a few children came up to ask a question about something they were organising. The parent commented on how impressed she was that the children get to lead on so many areas and are given the opportunities.

Restorative Practice

Building Relationships, Improving Behaviour and Creating Stronger Communities

When you read Mark’s book or connect with him in conversation, everything links beautifully. A message that is clear throughout is the importance of listening carefully, caring and when responding, doing so with respect. He says, “The language we use creates the reality we experience”. In a school setting I take this to mean how we speak and the manner in which we communicate. Is it positive, calm and considerate, or is it negative, aggressive and without care? It pleases me when I hear the conversations between pairs and groups of people in school (children and staff) and witness the positivity of the engagements. I do not believe this is accidental nor by chance – I believe it is due to the way parents influence the children and bring them up, so thank you.

We will continue to build relationships daily and seek to make those connections.

The language we use creates the reality we experience.

Mark Finnis


Relationships are built daily.

Mark Finnis


Images of the Week

Lunch and Payments 

We currently have £324.04  owed for lunches, a rise from last week’s £253.85. Please ensure payments are made to avoid the need for children to be picked up for the duration of lunch next week. I will be taking a closer look at this next week so please do check your accounts.

You Said, We Did…

Thank you to those that have completed the questionnaire so far. The initial responses to points made so far:

There is so many cars have parking inside without any disability or any strong reason so why we not allowed like who have under 2 year kids and also I work in the evening and some shifts in the morning it’s very tight for me to pick up or drop off my kids and strat my duty if I have that facility as well so it can be very easy for me . There is no one coming outside to checkout who is parking there car in parking space many people taking disadvantage of this and like us who is really struggling they don’t have any facilities I just want to request on this please be fair with everyone thank you .

There are cars with passes and to get a pass, very good reasons must be given and evidenced. With the electronic barrier now, cars should not be able to enter without a fob. We are not going to share reasons for passes being given as that information is private and confidential. We will however look to check that cars are not getting in when they should not. The places for good exceptions are limited and I believe we are now at the limit so. 

I am very happy my child attends krishna Avanti as I have not seen a school like this before. The level at which my child is at I am very happy with his learning from when he started in foundation and the level he is at now in year 1. The school staff and teachers are very nice and helpful I would recommend krishna Avanti to anyone I know. I would like to thank you for the questionnaire.

Thank you. We will continue to listen, work hard and do all we can to ensure Krishna Avanti Primary School is the best it can be for all (children, parents and staff).

Young Leaders – OutRight

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We would like to inform you about a campaign that we, as a school, are participating in. Every year OutRight empowers children and young people to realise our own rights, and to speak out in support of the rights of all children.

This year, the campaign is to raise awareness about the importance of our mental and physical health and how it affects many children‘s lives.

Over the next few months, we will be participating in many different activities, which we will continue to share with you.

If you would like more information, please click here.

Thank you

Young Leaders and School Council

Children in Need

Thank you all for supporting today’s Children in Need day. The children and staff always get involved positively and enjoy dressing up, looking spotty or wearing the pyjamas for the day. Our value of empathy is well practised, considering the difficulties that others less fortunate are in life and giving a little of ourselves to help. So far we have raised £336.00, we will update you of final figure in next week’s weekly update. Thank you for your contribution.

We hope that the day’s activities were enjoyed by all and the money raised will make a positive difference for others.

Thank you very much for your continued support. 

Yours sincerely   

Mr Kite



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