FORS Vision

  • Making every child’s potential a reality.

About Us – Mission Statement

FORS (Friends of our school) will strive to ensure that all well- wishers to Krishna Avanti Primary School will have an opportunity in improving the daily lives of the pupils and staff. We will fundraise in a responsible and ethical manner and support the ethos of the school and the Hindu Vaishnava tradition.

FORS endeavours to support the work of all school stakeholders: staff, School Stakeholder Committee Members and all other partners. We encourage active involvement of all parents/carers, with love, friendship, co-operation and humility. FORS aims to take every opportunity to ensure a positive profile in and out of the school environment. We hope this will encourage sustainable growth of FORS and be beneficial to those who matter most – our children.

FORS Aims and Objectives

  • To be efficient and effective;
  • To develop social contact with parents/carers and the community;
  • To ensure demands made on members, parents/carers and staff are reasonable
  • To raise as much money as possible for Krishna Avanti Primary School;
  • To consistently explore methods of raising much-needed funds for the school;
  • To work as a team;
  • To support and promote the values/ethos of Krishna Avanti Primary School;
  • To ensure everyone’s contribution is valued.

Current Targets

  • Liaise on Parents’ Questionnaire Feedback

  • Opportunities for children to engage with animals/pet

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