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Welcome to the page which will be updated on a regular basis, with everything that you need to know about the Year 5 residential trip to Caythorpe.

The trip is for Year 5 children and is open to all. 59 children have paid the deposit and are booked to attend.

Various forms regarding dietary needs, medication contact numbers and a packing list are available on this page.


  • Develop personal and social skills;
  • Gain new experiences;
  • Develop friendships;
  • Improved positive attitude;
  • Links to curriculum work.

Dates of trip 

  • Monday 4th April to Friday 8th April, 2022.

Numbers going and cost

All Year 5 children who wish to with 1 member of staff for every 10 children, approximately.

Cost £281 – Likely to drop to around £250, after money being raised through enterprising activities such as Cinema Nights.

  • £80 deposit (non-refundable) to secure a place by 31st October, via Arbor – COMPLETE.
  • £180 must be paid by 31st December, via Arbor – COMPLETE.
  • The final balance of £281 must be paid by Monday 28th February, also by Arbor.


At Krishna Avanti Primary School we value the benefits of trips for your children, residential trips definitely included. For the safety of the group as a whole and individual children and staff we have a number of expectations of the children and their families. We must be confident that…

  • Instructions are obeyed instantly without question (initially).
  • Positive behaviour has been demonstrated within the school behaviour policy.
  • Children wishing to go have a proven good behaviour record on previous school visits.
  • Parents are 100% supportive of the school, its policies and its staff.

If there are any areas in which you are not 100% confident and supportive, think carefully whether you wish your child to go. Likewise, if we are not 100% confident of your support, we would not be happy to include your child.  In addition, should a child be persistently anti-social, rude or bad-mannered, we will bring that child home. We don’t however expect there to be any. These points are made and followed for the safety and enjoyment of the whole group.

Caythorpe Court Outdoor Centre

Extensive facilities. All bedrooms en-suite, with 3-8 children sharing. A bedroom preference form will be available prior to the trip. We ensure all children have at least one friend with them. It is in the interest of staff to get the rooms right.


Varying outdoor and adventurous activities. A sample day is shown on the images in the presentation shared.


3 meals per day, in line with the ethos of the school (full vegetarian).


Clearly labelled with name and instructions. A member of staff will look after and administer as required. No medical condition nor need will prevent a child from attending.

Pocket money

A small amount permitted – Maximum of £10 (to be confirmed). A member of staff will look after the money when not needed to ensure it is safe.


Please feel free to write to your children – they may like to get a letter. If you are not going to write, please do tell them so they are not upset when they do not receive something. There will be no phone calls to children as this can cause upset/homesickness. The address to write to is:

PGL Caythorpe Court
NG32 3ER

Should you need to contact us in an emergency, call school who will contact staff directly.

If it is out of school hours, call Caythorpe on 0333 321 2116 who will inform a member of our staff straight away.

Contact Details and Medical/Dietary Needs

For those that have not yet completed the Medical and Contact  Form, please do so now by completing the form below.

Fill out my online form.

Bedroom Preferences

Fill out my online form.


Fill out my online form.

Your Questions Answered

Q. Can children take a phone?

A. No – there is very little time and the need to call home if not there. Staff will be in contact with school daily and we will ensure parents are updated daily. From past experience also, children that make contact with home whilst away have a much greater chance of feeling homesick and then struggle to enjoy the experience.

Q. What arrangements will be made for any children that are not attending?

A. Children will attend school as normal and will continue with work at school. We will organise activities at school depending on the numbers we have (those not attending the residential). Work will be appropriate as always.