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Final Reminders

Thank you to all that managed to make the final meeting. The following are some reminders and answers to questions asked at the meeting.

  • Monday 28 March – Arrive at school (07:40 to 08:10) –  none uniform, coat, no phone, water bottle, rucksack. Children can be dropped off as normal.
  • iPads, tablets, phones and other devices are not permitted. There will be no time to use them and if anyone is found with one it will be confiscated and a breakdown of trust.
  • Children must not bring hairdryers. There are some at the Vedanta that will be accessible where needed.
  • Medication and spending money given to the named staff member
  • Bus departs between 09:00 & 09:30
  • We will link with school daily and Tweet how we are doing. Reminder that the signal may not be great for some groups so Tweets are not guaranteed for all groups and times may be irregular.
  • Remember medication to hand in on Monday morning.
  • Three sets of footwear required:
      • 1 for walks that can get muddy
      • 1 for outdoor activities, such as trainers
      • 1 strictly for indoors. Slippers are ideal – many areas are show free zones.
  • Friday 1 April – Bus returns for 17:30 (Friday)

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Welcome to the page which will be updated on a regular basis, with everything that you need to know about the Year 6 residential trip to The Vedanta.

The trip is for Year 6 children and is open to all.

Various forms regarding dietary needs, medication contact numbers and a packing list are available on this page.


  • Opportunities to develop Spiritual Insight,
  • Develop personal and social skills;
  • Gain new experiences;
  • Develop friendships;
  • Improved positive attitude;
  • Links to curriculum work.

Dates of trip 

  • Monday 28th March to Friday 1st April, 2022.

Numbers going and cost

60 Year 6 children are attending along with five members of school staff plus three AST central team staff, giving a ratio of 1:10 for staff and children. School staff attending are:

  • Mr Kite (Principal and Trip Leader)
  • Mrs Chauhan (Year 4-6 Lead and Year 6 Teacher)
  • Miss Ali (Year 6 Teacher)
  • Mrs Dhillion (Recent employee – Teaching Assistant)
  • Mr Jackson (Teaching Assistant)

Cost £360 (TBC) – Likely to drop to around £330, after money being raised through enterprising activities such as Cinema Nights.


At Krishna Avanti Primary School we value the benefits of trips for your children, residential trips definitely included. For the safety of the group as a whole and individual children and staff we have a number of expectations of the children and their families. We must be confident that…

  • Instructions are obeyed instantly without question (initially).
  • Positive behaviour has been demonstrated within the school behaviour policy.
  • Children wishing to go have a proven good behaviour record on previous school visits.
  • Parents are 100% supportive of the school, its policies and its staff.

If there are any areas in which you are not 100% confident and supportive, think carefully whether you wish your child to go. Likewise, if we are not 100% confident of your support, we would not be happy to include your child.  In addition, should a child be persistently anti-social, rude or bad-mannered, we will bring that child home. We don’t however expect there to be any. These points are made and followed for the safety and enjoyment of the whole group.

The Vedanta

Extensive facilities. All bedrooms en-suite, with 2-3 children sharing. If you have not done so already, complete the bedroom preference form below. We ensure all children have at least one friend with them. It is in the interest of staff to get the rooms right.


Varying outdoor and adventurous activities. A sample day is shown on the images in the presentation shared.


3 meals per day, in line with the ethos of the school (full vegetarian).


Clearly labelled with name and instructions. A member of staff will look after and administer as required. No medical condition nor need will prevent a child from attending.

Pocket money

To be confirmed: A small amount permitted – Maximum of £10. A member of staff will look after the money when not needed to ensure it is safe.


Please feel free to write to your children – they may like to get a letter. If you are not going to write, please do tell them so they are not upset when they do not receive something. There will be no phone calls to children as this can cause upset/homesickness. The address to write is:

The Vedanta



Should you need to contact us in an emergency, call school who will contact staff directly.

If it is out of school hours, call The Vedanta on TBC who will inform a member of our staff straight away.


Should you have any questions, regardless of how trivial you may think they are, please come in and ask or complete the Queries Form below.

Final Meeting

The final meeting for parents and children was on Monday 21st March at 15:30, in the sports hall and via Zoom. If you missed it, information shared is all on this page.

Confirmed Staff Attending (school)

Contact Details and Medical/Dietary Needs

For those that have not yet completed the Medical and Contact  Form, please do so now by clicking here. 

Fill out my online form.

Bedroom Preferences

Fill out my online form.

Letters Sent


Fill out my online form.

Packing List

Questions Answered

Do our children write to us?

Yes, upon arrival at The Vedanta. Hopefully the communication will arrive with you before we return. Children may write each day if they wish and where possible, we will post their letters.