Krishna Avanti Primary School has been recognised with the following awards and we are very proud of the achievements our school has attained.

Please see below various letters of acknowledgement, certificates and awards that we have obtained.

Thank you certificate from Brent food bank to KAPSH - January 2020

Thank you from Brent food bank to KAPSH – January 2020

Thank you message and certificate from the Food bank Manager received on 20 January 2020

The team at Brent food bank would like to thank you for your kind donation of food which weighed in an amazing 193.25kg. This is an astonishing amount of food that will contribute to over 500 nutritionally balanced meals for people facing poverty in the borough. 

Please thank everyone involved for their kind contribution. 

Through generous gifts like yours we are delighted and humbled to be able to help local people in crisis.

Thank you again for your support. And we hope that you will continue to support us in the future 

Brent Foodbank Manager

HARVEST DONATIONS Thank you so much for your act of kindness. We received so many food items and just before the holidays the FOOD BANK van arrived to collect the boxes in time for the festive holiday period.

Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants (MITA) aims to develop the way that teaching assistants can improve students’ outcomes by working in a whole class setting. It provides training, at different times, for all staff in the school:

Krishna Avanti Primary School took part in 4 local training sessions, explaining the research about effective use of TAs, and introducing the framework for improving TA practice.

We had Consultants attend the school in between training sessions, to support school leaders with reviewing current practice, strategic planning and the implementation of key principles and recommendations The School facilitated training sessions for TAs on effective interactions with pupils and improving pupil independence, with gap tasks in-between.

The School facilitate training sessions for teachers on planning lessons and organising classrooms effectively to capitalise on the TA training.

The programme was delivered over one school year, and all school staff in the intervention received training. Year two was implementation at School level. The final assessment was credited by an external assessor.

Letter of Achievement Phonics – Nick Gibb MP – October 2019 Krishna Avanti Primary School recognised Top 2% of primary schools in the country.

Letter of Achievement – Mike Younger Chair of AST October 2019 

Letter of achievement Maths – Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP –  Feb 2019 -Top 1% of primary schools- Krishna Avanti Primary School in Harrow  was congratulated by Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP for its exceptional Mathematics results by pupils of Key Stage 2, exceeding the national standard and ranking in the top 1% of primary schools across the UK! See the full letter.

Certificate of Participation – University of Hertfordshire

Letter of Achievement Maths – Nick Gibb MP – January 2018

Safety Excellence Certificate – June 2017 -June 2019

SafetyMark Awards- June 2017

Letter of Achievement Phonics – Nick Gibb MP- October 2016 

Letter of Acknowledgement – Buckingham Palace- May 2016 

Letter of Thanks – Mayor of London – September 2016

Total Green School Awards 2016

Letter of Achievement Phonics October 2014 

Breeam Award – awarded to those involved in the design and construction of the highest scoring buildings certified under Breeam that year.

Food Hygiene Award – awarded for good food safety management and high standards of compliance with food legislation

Cooperative Green Energy Award – awarded for the school for helping combat climate change.

Harrow Heritage Trust Award – awarded for outstanding architectural and environmental design.

RICS Award London – awarded for the school’s commitment to the efficient use of resources and celebrates the schemes that provide sustainable environments.