Kids Zone!

On this page you will find a number of fun, interactive games as well as learning facilities for students of all years. There is also a number of exciting and educational videos to help with your learning.

This page, as well as its content, was designed and chosen by our year 6 students.

Maths Zone

Here you will find lots of fun and encouraging maths games to help you develop your maths skills in an enjoyable and easy to understand way.

Literacy Zone

Here you will find exciting games that will help enhance your vocabulary, exercise your creativity and imagination. You can also test your spelling and grammar skills.

Science Zone

Here you will find some fun, mind-boggling science games. You can challenge your mind with the terrific experiments and investigations.

Fun Videos for Nursery & Reception (EYFS)

Childrens book read aloud

Little Nutbrown Hare shows his daddy how much he loves him

Fun Videos for Key Stage 1

Year 1 (KS1) Read Along with Aunt Neny Plenty of LOVE TO GO AROUND

Year 1 (KS1) The Last Noo-Noo by Jill Murphy Age Range: 4 and up

Year 2 (KS1) Children’s story – The lighthouse keepers lunch. Learn lots of interesting new words and enjoy this story.

Year 2 (KS1) Simran, 11, tells us about the Sikh place of worship, which is called the Gurdwara, in this clip about life for young people following the Sikh faith.

Fun Videos for Key Stage 2

Year 3 (KS2) An exploration of the revolutionary period of prehistory

Year 3 (KS2) Bhagavad Gita verse 4.7

Year 4 (KS2) Learn about the water cycle with Dr. Binocs.

Year 4 (KS2) How is sound created and how can we hear it? Learn all about how sound works with Jessi and Squeaks on SciShow Kids!