The Arts Council at Krishna Avanti Primary School are responsible for helping to make decisions about how all of the Arts subjects such as art, music, dance and drama are taught and enjoyed at our school. In addition to that, they will help us to achieve the Silver Award with Artsmark accredited by Arts Council England.

On Friday, 22nd of April 2022, the arts council interviews began, featuring a panel of six responsible Year 6 judges: Shriya, Shruti, Dhiyash, Arushi, Parnika, and Aarun.

The judges spent the whole afternoon interviewing twenty-five candidates from Years 3-5. The candidates brought their sketchbooks with them and answered a few questions about their personal qualities and artistic skills.

Although, the judges had heard a variety of answers as all the candidates brought different abilities to the table, tough decisions were made only after long and intense conversations.

Say hello to our twelve Arts Councillors below for the 2021/22 academic year! Their very important job is to work as a team to come up with ideas on how we can improve how all the arts subjects are taught at our school, with their meetings being under the guidance of the lovely Mrs. Pascutoi!

Good luck to our new Arts Council – we cannot wait to see what you come up with to support the teaching of art, music, dance and drama at Krishna Avanti Primary School Harrow!


What is Artsmark?
Artsmark is an award that schools can be awarded based on how well they include and value the arts within the curriculum and creative learning.

The arts include art, dance, drama, and music.

So at our school (Krishna Avanti Primary School Harrow), we are going to begin our exciting Artsmark journey towards the Silver Award which will involve everyone!!

Please click here to see the KAPS Artsmark Assembly presentation.

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