Physical Education (P.E.)

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Our intent for Physical Education goes beyond the program of study for the National Curriculum, and we have a desire for this curriculum area. We want our pupils to: 

  • Have a life-long passion for sport and physical activity – leading to friendships, teammates, better health, more comprehensive social experiences. 
  • Be keen to attempt various activities – allowing pupils the opportunity to find their love of other sports and physical activities. 
  • Identify their own and others safety – being able to swim and being safe in the water and by completing their cycling proficiency. 
  • Communicate and work together – building relationships and the vocabulary to express themselves appropriately. 

We hope to achieve this through a no ceiling and adaptive planning approach, which meets the needs of all pupils, including pupils with SEND and the most able pupils. 

Physical education gives us so many opportunities to develop the whole child. It provides some pupils with the chance to excel where they may struggle in other areas and offers pupils opportunities outside of the classroom. We also hope to teach pupils that P.E. can help improve concentration in other curriculum areas, make links between theory and practice, deepen understanding, and maintain and extend attention. 

At Krishna Avanti, we are proud to offer a broad and balanced Physical Education curriculum. The children take part in weekly PE lessons, Yoga and take part in the Daily Mile. Physical Education refers to curriculum time lessons that aim to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum; however, running alongside this is physical activity (any opportunity to be active in the day) and community sports (competitive events both internally and against other schools). 


All aspects of physical education and physical activity aim to support the physical development of all pupils. The physical development of pupils can have a massive impact on a child’s life, opportunities, and activities. We feel strongly that physical activity can also link with mental health. We aim to use physical education to develop the child. 

Involvement and Resilience

A range of physical activities, both competitive and non-competitive, give pupils a meaningful life-long love of sports. As well as allowing pupils to experience competition.Throughout the year, we offer a variety of enrichment activities including netball, tennis, cricket and football. We also value inter-school matches to aid healthy competition. We encourage all children to take part in the Daily Mile, as well as active learning within lessons, as a way of promoting additional physical activity in school. 

Responsibility and Relationships

Physical education, physical activity and school sports aim to promote fair play and good sporting behaviour. We also hope to develop empathy and compassion for others through evaluation and teamwork. In all year groups, pupils are taught safely and explicitly to identify their own risks: leading to pupils managing and assessing their own and their peers’ risks. 

Diversity and Cultural Capital

Physical education, activity and school sports should be inclusive to all, and at Krishna Avanti, we ensure that all our lessons are inclusive.  The ultimate aim is that pupils leave Krishna Avanti Primary School with a knowledge of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a life-long love of sport and physical activity with pupils taking part at sport to a high standard.