Parent/Carer Consultations

All pupils are assessed regularly through formative i.e. daily/on-going and summative tests i.e. end of term and year. Careful observations and recording of child initiated activities will ensure all aspects of children’s learning are documented. Parent consultations take place in the Autumn and Spring Term and this will give you an opportunity for you to talk to your child’s teacher about his/her progress.

An open day is held once a year to ensure you have the chance to view all your child’s work at the end of the academic year. A written report about your child’s progress will be available in the Summer Term.

Parents/Carers in Class

At Krishna Avanti Primary School, we work very closely and in partnership with parents/carers. Each class holds one session per week where parents/carers are invited into the classroom setting, in order to immerse themselves in their son/daughters learning – gaining first-hand experience of everyday learning opportunities. We welcome parental contributions such as the sharing of a language, making presentations and suggesting ideas for topics or supplying resources. We also have a parent volunteer scheme, which welcomes parental support in a variety of ways.

Communication and Relationships

Building effective communication channels with our parents/carers and establishing positive relationships is key to our everyday practice. Regular half termly newsletters and letters from the Headteacher and key members of staff, act to ensure that parents/carers remain fully informed of any school developments. We actively encourage face to face communications with all parents/carers and encourage partnership working by offering both individual sessions and group parent/carer workshops, which cover a variety of topics.

Home Learning

Opportunities to do research on a particular topic will foster an inquisitive mind whilst promoting research skills. Curriculum information is sent home each term to inform you about your child’s current learning topics to facilitate such research at home. Teachers will also send reading books, activity sheets and encourage children to make innovative projects to support learning at School and home.

Research has shown that accelerated learning takes place when parents are actively involved with the education of their child. We encourage you to work together with your child to promote interest and enjoyment.

You can help your child develop reading skills at home by:

  • Spending five to ten minutes each day on reading
  • Allowing your child time to self-correct
  • Acting as a model by reading some of the text and then asking the child to participate
  • Encouraging your child to make predictions about the story
  • Asking open and closed questions about events, illustrations, characters and settings
  • Creating story boxes using small toys and objects for retelling stories
  • Playing word games
  • Acting out stories
  • Using your local library for homework and research
  • Showing your child that you enjoy reading