Welcome to EYFS at KAPSH...

Our Visit to London Zoo

We're going to the Zoo....

This term, we have been looking at the question I wonder where they live. Over the course of this term, we have been looking at different animals and their habitats. Reception embarked on a wonderful adventure to London Zoo. The coach journey to the zoo was filled with laughter and joy as the children were so excited to visit the Zoo and see all the wonderful animals. We saw giraffes, tigers, gorillas, penguins, tortoises, butterflies and so many more. We talked about how some animals live in a hot and humid habitat whilst others live in cooler habitats. The children were so well behaved and put their listening skills into practice when following instructions when walking around the zoo. The children thoroughly enjoyed the trip and speak so fondly of visiting the zoo.

Local Church Visit

Reception's visit to the Local Church

In celebration of Easter, the children in Reception visited their local church. During their visit to the church, they were told the Easter story through a carousel of different activities relating to the 4 parts of the Easter story, which include, Palm Sunday, Last Supper, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. The children were also treated to an Easter inspired song by Pastor Lopes who played his guitar! 

Mother's Day Music Morning

Mummy mummy oh so kind...

This year the children participated in a musical performance for a special woman (mother, grandma, or auntie) in their life to celebrate Mother’s Day. The performance allowed the children to express an appreciation for their mothers in a fun and engaging way including the children having the opportunity to give a medal to a special woman attending the performance. The children worked extremely hard to make their hand-made medal which developed their cutting and creative skills. Also, each child had the opportunity to record a special message to explain why they love their mum. Overall, the musical performance was a huge success. 

Pancake Day

What's that smell... it's Reception making pancakes!

In celebration of Lent the children had lots of fun making pancakes. We discussed the Lent story, key facts about the festival, and key vocabulary such as Jesus, Shrove Tuesday, and Ash Wednesday.  When making the pancakes they developed their skills to mix the batter, pour and flip the pancake. In addition, they were able to participate in discussions about healthy eating habits to learn about ingredients and the importance in making balanced choices whilst eating. Overall, the children thoroughly enjoyed learning about Lent and participating in the pancake making.  

Chinese New Year

What's that smell... it's Reception cooking vegetable spring rolls!

In celebration of Chinese New Year the children completed a variety of activities to contribute to their developing understanding of the world around them. We celebrated the year of the dragon by cooking vegetable spring rolls, acting out the story of ‘The Great Race’ and creating red lanterns. Through making the spring rolls, the children further developed their cooking skills by confidently following instructions, cutting a range of vegetables safely, mixing the vegetables in a pan and filling and rolling their spring roll. Overall, the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves fostering an appreciation for diversity and different cultural traditions from around the world.

People Who Help Us

I wonder who helps us in our community....

During Spring 1 the children learnt about the people who can help them outside of the school community, such as the dentist, police officers and fire fighters. The visits provided them with valuable learning opportunities by developing an understanding of the world around them through interacting with positive role models. The visits from the wider community provided the children with real-world context and opportunities for discovery and meaningful interactions.

Gingerbread Men Baking

What's that smell... it's Reception baking gingerbread men!

The children learnt the traditional tale of The Gingerbread Man, they engaged in a variety of activities such as baking their own gingerbread man, designing their own wanted poster, and using drama to retell the story. Whilst the children were baking their gingerbread men, they developed a range of skills including kneading and mixing. They had many opportunities to develop their communication and language skills such as being encouraged to listen and follow the five step recipe. The children then sat down altogether to enjoy their tasty gingerbread men.

Posting Christmas Cards

Reception's mission to the Post-box...

The children were excited to post their hand-made Christmas cards to send to someone special at home. They had the opportunity to develop a range of skills such as road safety and having responsibility for their own card. They developed community awareness about people who work around us such as postal workers and demonstrating politeness to others by greeting them with “Good Morning” or waving. Also, problem solving by identifying where the post-box is and deciding how to post their envelope.  

Once, we arrived back at school the children learnt about the process of what happens next to their card. They learnt key vocabulary such as sorting office, group and size and machine.  

Our Christmas Nativity

Lights, Camera, Action.....

The children performed ‘The Twinkly Nativity’ which is a modern twist on the classic Nativity Story. Through preparation, rehearsals, and performance of the nativity, the children developed their confidence and social skills. The children learnt how to work together, practiced being patient, turn taking, and support their peers. They formed bonds by engaging in a whole group activity, by helping each other with lines, cues, and movements. Also, they developed a cultural understanding by gaining an appreciation for diversity and a different belief systems, fostering tolerance and understanding. Their families were invited to watch the performance, creating a supportive and encouraging audience for the children.  

Local Community Fieldwork

We're going on a local walk... We're going to look at our local community..

Excitement bubbled as the children in Reception went on a walk to view their local community. The children were on a hunt spotting semi-detached houses and flats within their local community. The children then had to record what they saw on their clipboards. Whilst walking we talked about the door numbers, how to walk sensibly on the pavement and road safety. 

Fruit Salad

Chopping, mixing and tasting a healthy treat!

In Reception, the children enjoyed creating a vibrant fruit salad, thinking about its nutritional value. With wide-eyed wonder, they explored textures and colours, slicing strawberries with care and giggling over slippery plums. The children learnt about healthy choices and practiced their chopping skills, whilst following the good hygiene practises. Amidst the sticky fingers and shared smiles, friendships blossomed, and a shared sense of accomplishment lit up the room. Learning through play, fostering curiosity and camaraderie all round! 

Diwali Stay and Play

It's Diwali!

In Reception, the classroom transforms into a festive Diwali haven. We invited parents to come and stay and play with us and see all the learning that we get up to. The children completed a variety of  Diwali-inspired activities, making some delicious Indian food from playdough and crafting lanterns. They were also able to show their parents their classroom and what they love to get busy with the most. The room brims with shared moments, generations intertwining in laughter, and creativity. 

Nursery Autumn Walk

We're going on an Autumn Hunt...we're going to post our Diwali Cards, WE'RE SO EXCITED!

The Nursery children went on an Autumn Walk adventure. As they walked through the local area, the children found lots of colourful leaves, twigs and conkers. The children enjoyed exploring the different shapes and colours in their surroundings, and listened to the sounds around them. It was like an exciting outdoor art class where nature was the teacher, showing them how amazing the world can be.

The children’s faces lit up as they prepared to post their beautiful Diwali cards to their families. During this walk, the children discovered the post box and learnt about the postman and their duties. They gained an insight to how their cards would be delivered and understanding the process of their cards reaching to their homes. It was a journey of discovery that added depth to their already exciting adventure!

Scoot Fit

Building a nation of strong and healthy children!

The children in Reception and Year 1 recently embarked on an exhilarating adventure that left them beaming with joy and brimming with newfound energy. Their journey? The unforgettable Scoot Fit experience! Using scooters as their secret exercise machines, these young adventurers didn’t just have fun; they made a remarkable impact on their health and well-being. With each push of their tiny feet, these young riders were unknowingly boosting their fitness levels, fostering healthier lifestyles from an early age.

But it wasn’t just about physical fitness; the children’s confidence soared to new heights as they mastered the art of scooting. Their self-esteem blossomed, and their gross motor skills developed throughout the day. The promise of more children choosing to scoot their way to school fills us with excitement, knowing that this simple yet effective activity is nurturing a generation of confident and healthy young minds. As the session drew to a close, the highlight of the day was the Scooter DISCO, where the children grooved to the beat with infectious smiles. Their laughter and enthusiasm were a testament to the immense joy they had experienced throughout this unforgettable journey.

Cupcake Making

What's that smell...it's Nursery baking cakes!

In Nursery, the classroom was buzzing with excitement as our little bakers teamed up to whip up some cupcakes. With flour on their noses and grins on their faces, they dove into the fun of mixing ingredients and followed simple instructions. We have been working on following steps in the classroom and the children enjoyed following a five step recipe to make cupcakes. The children not only created tasty treats but also developed their teamwork skills, working as part of a group and learning as they baked. From floury high-fives to icing and sprinkles, our children then enjoyed eating their cupcake!