Computing at KAPSH

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Within an ever changing and technological world, Krishna Avanti Primary School understands and values the importance of teaching Computing from a young age. We acknowledge that future generations will rely heavily on their computational confidence and digital skills in order to support their progress within their chosen career paths. Therefore, we aim to prepare our pupils by providing them with opportunities to gain the knowledge and develop the skills that will equip them for this ever-changing digital world.

Our Computing curriculum focuses on the progression of skills in digital literacy, computer science and information technology to ensure that children become competent when safely using, as well as understanding, technology. These strands are taught discretely through a range of units during the children’s time at school to ensure learning is embedded, skills are successfully developed and applied outside of school. At KAPSH, Computing also supports and promotes opportunities for promoting creativity and cross curricular learning, enriching their experiences in school.

Our key priorities include:

  • To ensure a robust assessment system is in place to monitor progression
  • To develop subject knowledge and expertise when teaching computing
  • To ensure computing is accessible for all learner groups