Learning Online and Covid Updates

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Online Learning Statement is intended to provide clarity and transparency to pupils and parents or carers about what to expect from remote education if local restrictions require entire cohorts (or bubbles) to remain at home.
For details of what to expect where individual pupils are self-isolating, please see the final section of this page.

Recovery Curriculum Strategy

Risk Assessment

KAPSH Jan 2022 – Risk Assessment

See Principals News updates within Newsletter section for updated advice to parents.

Summer Term 2021

Catch Up Funding

KAPSH Catch up funding – Overview and Planned expenditure and expected outcomes.

Risk Assessment

KAPSH April 2021- Risk Assessment

Spring Term 2021

Remote Learning Provision

February 2021 – KAPSH Online Learning Statement

January 2021 – KAPSH/AST Online Safety and Remote Learning Policy

Safeguarding Policy Addendum

KAPSH – COVID19 – School safeguarding policy addendum updated Feb 2021

Pupil Attendance Addendum

KAPSH January 2021 – Covid-19 Attendance Strategy Addendum

Risk Assessment

KAPSH January 2021- Lock down Risk Assessment

Communications to Parents

Return to School Letter on 8th March 

Children’s Mental Health Newsletter

Principal’s Communications/Newsletter 

Diary Dates

Spring Diary Dates to Parents 2021

Autumn 2020

KAPSH Corona virus updates can be found on the links below:

E Safety

1 October 2020 – Online Safety Letter

Covid 19 Symptoms

23 September 2020 – Department for Education PHE letter to parents and guardians about COVID-19 symptoms

Pupil Attendance

22 September 2020 – Covid-19 pupil absence guide

Safeguarding Policy Addendum

14 September 2020 – COVID19 – School safeguarding policy addendum

Risk Assessment

14 September 2020 – General Risk Assessment COVID 

Home School Agreement

14 September 2020 – Home School Agreement KAPSH COVID 19

School Meals/ Free School Meals

9 September 2020 – Lunch Money Payment Options for 2020-2021

Return to School / Travel – September 2020

10 September 2020 – Harrow Council Travelling Back to School

10 September 2020 – HM Government – Returning to Primary School

2 September 2020 – Reopening of KAPSH on 3.9.2020

KAPSH Corona virus updates can be found on the links below:

Proposed Return to School – June 2020

The following video explains the Health and Safety measures in place at KAPSH for the return of our pupils.


11th June 2020 – Further details Proposed return letter

11th June 2020 – QA School Reopening Covid 19

5th June 2020 – Further details Proposed return on 15.6.20 letter

1st June 2020 – Proposed return on 15.6.20 letter 

Risk Assessments

10th June 2020 – Temporary Home Workers General Risk Assessment Covid 19

10th June 2020 – General Risk Assessment Covid -19 (KAPSH)

Home School Agreement

11th June 2020 – Home School Agreement KAPSH COVID 19

Distance Virtual Learning Provision

2nd July 2020 – Distance Learning Each Day

2nd July 2020 – Distance Learning Daily Plan

30th June 2020 – Distance Learning letter 

23rd March 2020 – Our Virtual Learning

School Menu / Free School Meals

Summer 2020 Reopening Menu

20th March 2020 – Interim Payments to parents of pupils currently eligible for benefits-related free school meals

Safeguarding Policy Addendum

28 April 2020 – COVID-19 KAPSH Safeguarding Policy Updated Addendum

Well-being Updates

23rd April 2020 – Supporting the Well-being of Children and Young People During COVID-19

24th March 2020 – Covid-19 update – Warm Letter from the SMT

18th March 2020 – Well being letter

Harrow Council – Well being tips for families

Lock down care provision (March 2020- June 2020)

27th March 2020 – Care Service from 30.3.20

26th March 2020 – Schools Hub for Key Workers from 30.03.20

20th March 2020 – Chidcare Arrangements During the Enforced School Closure

19th March 2020 – Key Worker Letter 

COVID Action Plan / Updates

19th March 2020 – Action Plan KAPSH

17th  March 2020- Partial Closure from 18th – 20th March 2020

16th March 2020 – COVID-19 Update

9th March 2020 – COVID-19 Update

6th March 2020 – COVID-19 Update

27th  February 2020 – COVID-19 Update

AST letters to parents can be found below:

28th January 2021 – Introduction to School Improvement Process

22nd January 2021 – Remote Learning Support for AST Parents

AST updates regarding corona virus can be found below:

21st April 2020 – AST COVID 19 update for parents 

20th April 2020 – COVID-19 – What parent need to know about schools and education during the corona virus outbreak

16 March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

 We have all watched with concern as the incidence of COVID-19 steadily increases in the UK and around the world. As yet we have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in any of Avanti’s schools but we anticipate this could well change in the coming days and weeks. We are keeping a close eye on the situation nationally, regionally and locally and we are in regular contact with school principals and other senior leaders.

If an individual school should need to close, we have detailed plans as to how this will be managed and how we will communicate with parents and other stakeholders. Should central government decide to close all schools nationally we anticipate we will have several days to implement a formal closure plan and establish learning platforms for students, details of which we will send to you separately should schools need to close.

We also recognise that this is an anxious time for parents/carers and that you may continue to have questions and queries about what closure might mean, about decisions that need to be taken to keep pupils and staff safe and healthy. We will provide what answers we can via a dedicated page on our website that will be frequently updated but if you have specific queries please direct them to the principal of your child’s school in the first instance.

We are in unprecedented circumstances where the need for compassion and understanding has rarely been more acute. We will continue to keep you updated and will always act in the best interests of the communities we are here to serve.

For your information, the links below provide the latest government and NHS guidance on COVID-19 that you might find useful:




Kind regards,

Nitesh and Mike

Nitesh Gor OBE AST CEO      Mike Ion AST Education Director

Please click here to read the latest updates from the Avanti Schools Trust.

If your child has tested positive, please complete the form below and the class teacher will be informed to support the learning where required. Please provide as much information on the query as to when the child tested positive so that we can update the absence. Please do not complete this form for absences not related to Covid.

If you are reporting your child’s absence please use absence reporting link which can be found under Parents Tab and Attendance. 

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