Welcome to Year 3 at KAPSH...

Celtic Harmony

An amazing Stone Age experience...

This term, our Year 3 classes embarked on a thrilling adventure to Celtic Harmony, catapulting themselves back in time to the Stone Age and Iron Age. It was a day filled with riveting, hands-on experiences that truly brought history to life. As we journeyed through the ages, our young explorers embraced a range of captivating activities. They became master builders, constructing their own shelters just as ancient humans did.

The highlight of the day was witnessing a mesmerising fire-lighting demonstration, using pre-historic methods. Flames flickering to life before their eyes, the children were transported to an era when fire meant survival. This unforgettable trip served as the perfect hook to introduce our new history topic, igniting our children’s curiosity and imagination for the term ahead. It was a day of discovery, wonder, and excitement, leaving our Year 3 adventurers eager to explore the mysteries of the past even further.

A trip to the Verulamium Museum

Exploring Roman Britain...

During our recent visit to the Verulamium Museum, we were transported back in time to explore the history of ancient Rome. We gained a rich insight into life during Roman times by exploring a range of artefacts.
During the ‘market workshop’, we were given a shopping list of items to find and we had to think hard about how they might have been used.
We spent some time in the Hypocaust, which was an underfloor heating system used in ancient Roman buildings.
The Mosaics were really impressive!

Computing Networks

We became a Computer Network!

Today in Computing, we all became a computer network, sending messages across the classroom. This helped us to understand how computers are connected to each other so that information can be shared. It was great fun!

Chandos Park - bringing nature to life!

Our Nature Walk

Our Nature Walk in Chandos Park was incredible! We had the most amazing time exploring nature’s wonders. We learned so much about the diverse plants and trees, including seed dispersal and pollination. It really brought our science learning to life!