Avanti Giving

At Avanti, we know our parents are extremely caring and supportive. Often, we are surprised by the generosity and kindness shown from our community of parents. We have experienced this time and time again, be it through the sacrifice of your time to support classroom teaching through to valuable parental support groups. We know you give us this support because you passionately believe in investing in the future, just as we do. It is this spirit which drives us!

The Avanti Giving scheme is a voluntary donation scheme which we hope will be of immense value to all pupils at Krishna Avanti Primary School, helping the school to become not just a great school, but a world class school. Avanti Giving will allow fixed amount of funds to be incorporated into the schools annual budget to fund activities which are currently not funded or insufficiently funded from government funding.

Potential uses of this fund

– Additional teaching assistants in classrooms.
– Superior curriculum resources.
– Richer learning experiences through trips, workshops, cross curricular activities.
– Advanced technology resources.
– Broader after school activities.
– Improved school facilities

Contributions to Avanti Giving are purely voluntary and at Avanti we will never pressurise you to contribute, nor will we ever treat any pupil differently whether or not their parents have made a contribution.

Lets work together to provide a richer learning experience and build a better future for our children.

Gift aid is available on any donation provided you are eligible, if you’re a higher rate taxpayer, you can claim additional benefits for the donations you make to charity, which you can keep or pass on to a charitable organisation. Simply indicate how much you’ve donated when you complete your self-assessment form.