Yoga and mindfulness are a key part of the school curriculum. During the lockdown, Avanti organised daily live yoga for all to join in! Please click below to watch these sessions and join in!

Wellbeing Wisdom

Avanti staff have access to regular wellbeing sessions. Our previous sessions have been led by medical professionals, corporate coaches and even monks! We discuss everything from how to overcome stress to learning about meditation.

Collective Worship

Our school is a designated Hindu faith school. All students can join in regular collective worship that is expressed through, kirtan (mantra meditation and devotional songs), prayers to the school deities and story telling that conveys Vedic wisdom and life lessons.


Avanti Getaway! Staff and students get the opportunity to go to annual off-site retreats. These are a chance to develop friendships, go out of their comfort zone, improve their wellbeing and reconnect with nature.

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