Principal Update

I would like to start by wishing you all a Happy New Year. I hope that you have had an enjoyable and safe holiday. We have very much enjoyed welcoming all the students back to school this week.  

New Rules on Isolation  

Firstly, I would like to remind you of the new rules for self-isolation. At present, anyone who tests positive on a lateral flow test is required to start isolation and take a PCR test to confirm the result. If the PCR test gives a positive result, then the individual must continue to isolate. If the individual receives a negative lateral flow test on days 6 and 7 then they should return to school on day 8, as long as they are free of any symptoms. To confirm, isolation can only end after 2 successive days of negative lateral flow test results and no symptoms.  


From Tuesday 11th January, anyone that receives a positive lateral flow test, and does not have symptoms, should no longer take a PCR test as well. They should isolate as above and then complete lateral flow tests on day 6 and 7. As above, if these further lateral flow tests give negative results then they are able to end their isolation on day 7 as long as they still have no symptoms.  


Please use the link below to obtain the latest information as the guidance does change: 

Any student who has recently tested positive must follow the NHS guidance above. Please remember if your child has any of the main symptoms of Covid 19, they should remain at home and take a PCR test, lateral flow tests are for asymptomatic cases. 

Mitigation Measures

As we return to school it is important to adhere to the clear guidance we have in place. These measures are in place to keep the school community safe and to keep the school open for all students as much as possible. Like many other essential services, the next few weeks are going to be very challenging in terms of staffing and the impact of self-isolation. 

Students and staff must wear masks in all communal indoor areas. It is now highly recommended that pupils should also wear masks in classrooms. I would also like to take this opportunity to ask parents and carers to remind their children of the basic hygiene measures that are effective in reducing the transmission of Covid-19 such as washing hands regularly and thoroughly, and using tissues to “catch it, kill it and bin it” when coughing, sneezing and blowing noses.  

We will ensure that rooms are well ventilated and as such would ask that students dress appropriately in terms of warmth and layering of clothing. Students may wish to wear a base layer under their uniform.  

Our aim is to ensure that continuity of education is maintained for any student self-isolating due to Covid-19. Learning will be provided through Arbor with all instructions uploaded by the class teacher or department lead. Students are always encouraged to read, use the excellent resources available from the websites below or to revise and refresh knowledge and skills gained in previous units taught. 

Oak National Academy 

BBC Bitesize  

As a last resort, if staffing levels due to illness and isolation become critical, we may have to ask year groups to stay at home at short notice. Wherever possible, we will prioritise Year 10  for face-to-face teaching. We will continue to monitor our staffing levels on a daily basis but decisions may have to be taken and communicated with short notice to parents. We will do all we can to avoid this action, but it is important that you know this is a possibility.  

I would like to thank you all in advance for your support over the forthcoming weeks as we navigate our way through this period of increased uncertainty. 

Yours sincerely

Miss Bardsley

Acting Principal